Monday, March 21, 2016

Hunted – 59

Silently, Faolán joined Brice in the living room a few minutes later. When Brice asked if he was ready to leave, Faolán nodded and followed him as they headed to the car.

It wasn’t until they were almost to the studio that Brice realized Faolán hadn’t said a word. He glanced at him and saw he was staring out the window, his face devoid of emotion. When he reached across to squeeze his thigh, Faolán flinched but didn’t turn to look at him.

“What’s wrong,” Brice asked with concern.

Faolán shrugged one shoulder. “Nothing. Just thinking.”

By then they were at the studio. Brice drove into the garage, parked and  they got out. He looked over the roof of the car at Faolán. “Do we need to talk?”

“Yeah, I think so, but not now.” Faolán headed swiftly to the entrance to the studio.

Half an hour later Faolán watched half-heartedly as a scene from the show was being taped. It was one of Brice’s and he had to admit that his lover, or maybe soon to be ex lover, was good in it. He ran a hand through his thick hair then took out his cell and punched in the number Logan had given him a couple of days ago. When Logan answered Faolán asked, “Is there any chance you’ll be free for a few minutes. I need to ask you something, in person.” Logan said he would be in about an hour and told him where he was. “I’ll see you there,” Faolán replied then snapped his phone closed.

He went to Brice’s dressing room to leave him a note, saying he’d be back, and then left the building. He debated taking a bus then decided a cab would be better. It took a few minutes but he finally found one in front of a small hotel in the neighborhood.

When he arrived at the house where Logan worked as part of a renovation crew, Faolán sat down on the stoop to wait. Not long after he felt a tap on his shoulder and looked up to see Logan standing there.

“I’m heading to get something to eat,” Logan said. “Okay with you if we talk while I do?”

“Of course.”  Faolán stood and fell in beside Logan.

“So. What’s going on?” Logan asked. “Is Brice all right? I mean did his shoulder heal okay?”

“Yeah, he’s fine,” Faolán replied tersely.

Logan glanced at him. “You don’t exactly sound ecstatic about that.”

“Oh I’m glad he’s healed, it’s just…”

After a long silence Logan said, “Talk to me. I’m not a mind reader.”

“I think he wants me to leave now,” Faolán spat out in a rush.

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