Friday, March 11, 2016

Hunted – 54

“She’s got a point, Brice,” Faolán said in agreement. “Either one of us actually could, because he knows I’m here too and might go after me to get to you, or vise versa.”

Skye looked at the three shifters. “I have a question, because something’s been bothering me. This whole plan hinges on his being able to follow you when you teleport. How?”

“How can he? Easily enough,” Faolán replied. “We have to visualize where we’re going. He can pick that out of our mind when we do. But before you worry that he could have done that already—that he knows what we’re planning. He can only do it if he’s very close by, like within a few yards of us. We’re not mind readers per se. We can mind-speak to each other, and if emotions are running high we can sometimes pick up on what someone else is thinking. But only in very vague terms.”

“Got it. And if he comes after Faolán or Brice, their emotional response—to get away and fast and their picturing the destination—he’ll be able to see too. That makes sense.”

“Exactly. The other thing is, he’s going to have to know where to find them to start with, and here is the most obvious place.”

“Or at the studio,” Brice pointed out. “I’m...we’re there all day.”  

Skye frowned. “What if he decides to try to take you both on at the same time? He sounds like that sort of ass who would think he could, and might savor the idea of making one of you watch while he hurt the other one.”

“He would probably have no trouble in a fight with both of them,” Logan said. “But he’d be hard-pressed to keep one of them restrained while he dealt with the other one-on-one. If he has Brice in his clutches, Faolán could just teleport away, even if Maximus had him bound to something solid.”

“But he wouldn’t,” Skye said positively. “Any more than Brice would desert Faolán in the same situation. Not now.”

Brice wrapped his arms around Faolán protectively as he replied, “Very true.”

“It hadn’t better be,” Logan stated adamantly. “Worst case scenario, and he does capture the two of you before you can get him into the panic room, the other one should come get me.”

“Like we’d know where to find you,” Faolán told him.

Logan scrubbed his hands through his hair then smiled a bit. “Guess I’m moving in here for the duration.”

“But your job…” Skye said.

He shrugged. “When it comes down to it, friends are more important.”

Faolán turned his head to look up at Brice with a grin. “Guess that means I get to stay in your room.”

Everyone broke out laughing. At the same moment, the buzzer sounded to let Brice know someone was downstairs. “Dinner’s here, though I’m afraid not enough for all four of us.” He buzzed the delivery boy in, once he’d ascertained that’s who it really was.

“Easily remedied,” Logan told him before he asked what Skye felt like.

She looked him over, grinned, then told him, “In lieu of you, ribs with all the fixings.”

Logan kissed her quickly and vanished with a muttered, “Your wish is…”

“Is your command,” Skye finished with a chuckle.

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