Saturday, February 3, 2018

(18) I am what I am


I woke wondering for a brief moment why I felt like I’d run the Boston Marathon. Then I remembered last night. I’d managed to escape from those punks thanks to a judicious use of my pepper spray. Never leave home without it as some ad said. Not about pepper spray but still.

Apparently I’d neglected to take a shower when I got home, because for sure I wasn’t smelling like a rose or anything close to it. I was half way through taking one now when I heard Bonnie knocking on my bedroom door. Moments later she was asking if she could come in even as she did just that. Now I love the woman dearly, but there are times when she seems to forget boundaries. Usually it doesn’t bother me but being caught in the shower is pushing things in my opinion. I hurriedly rinsed off, dried off, and wrapped up in my nice heavy bathrobe before stepping into the bedroom.

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized. “I just wanted you to know that we’re not opening today. Charlie is sick. And before you ask,” she added with a light chuckle, “he really is sick and not just hung over. I suppose the two of us could handle it if we wanted to die before noon, but I doubt it’s going to break us to take a day off, especially on a Sunday.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining,” I told her as I turned to look out the window. The early morning sun was shining in as bright as could be, making it the perfect day to play hooky. I sat down on the sill and smiled, though she probably could barely see it with the light streaming in from behind me. “So what should we do? Well, assuming you’re not going back to Charlie’s to play nurse that is.”

“Which I am. I’m sorry, Blair, but he is feeling like death warmed over so…”

“It’s okay. I’ll entertain myself. Maybe take in a movie or something.”

“No horror ones,” she said with a laugh. “We don’t want any more nightmares.”

I held up my hand, palm forward. “I swear, no hack and slash.”

So now I have a whole day to myself. The question is what do I really want to do. Shop. Sure why not. It’s been ages since I’ve actually bought any new clothes. I just have to decide what kind. A quick check of my closet and it became very obvious where I was lacking. I dressed accordingly, did my hair to go with the outfit, shucked on my jacket and took off.

It was late afternoon by the time I returned to the apartment. After putting away my new purchases I took a long, soothing bath while deciding what to do with a totally free evening, since Bonnie was still gone.


  1. I am sure Blair will think of something and she may hear news of the death of her good doc. Wwwwaaaaahhhhhhhh! Love this btw, in case you can’t tell

    1. I sort of got that impression. LOL I'm glad you do.