Sunday, January 28, 2018

(15) I am what I am

~ Quinn ~

While the ME and the CSI team finished processing the scene, Jack and I went over the information in the victim’s wallet, which had been found in the pocket of his slacks.

“Doctor Albert Freer, Therapist, according to his business card,” I told Jack. “His office is in this building. Who found him?”

“The first officer on the scene said it was a janitor who works for a cleaning company that services the building three times a week.”

I stepped back to the body to ask the ME if she had any idea of the time of death.

“It’s a very rough estimation at this point but I’d say sometime between late Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning.”

“That would mean just before or after Ward’s murder,” Jack pointed out, hearing her reply.

“Our killer’s been busy, if it's the same person. The cock in the ass says it probably is.”

“According to his driver’s license the victim has what I’m presuming is a condo, from the address. A pricey one if it’s the building I’m thinking of,” Jack told us.  

“Any indication if he was married or not?”

“Not so far but we’ll probably find that out when we search his office.”

“Which is next on the agenda,” I said as I watched the ME’s people put the victim into a body bag preparatory to taking him to the morgue to be autopsied.

Jack knelt to check the pockets of the man’s pants. They were still lying on the steps where the ME had put them. The responding officer said that when he’d first seen the body they were around the man’s ankles, commenting that it looked like someone might have been going to blow him before whatever happened.

“Keys,” Jack said, dangling them off one finger. “And that’s about it other than some loose change.”

“Then let’s go see what his office has to offer for starters.”