Sunday, December 31, 2017

(1) I am what I am

“His voice was cold, clinical.” I shot a glance at the therapist from under my eyelashes, watching him lap this up.

I was here, telling him about my nightmares, because they were driving my roommate up the wall. Not the nightmares per se but the results. My screaming myself awake—and her too.

Bonnie had taken me under her wing the first day I hit town. I’d seen the diner and the ‘Help Wanted’ sign half an hour after stepping off the bus. Work, I needed, and food because I was half starved. I’d slept through the last rest stop and the candy bars I’d had with me were long gone.

“So what will it be?” The waitress looked down at me as I read the menu and mentally counted the money I had left, which wasn’t much.

“Umm, a burger and water, please.” That I could swing and still have enough left to rent a motel room for one night. After that I would be strapped.

She smiled and left, coming back a few minutes later with a large plate brimming over with the burger and enough fries to feed an army.

“I can’t afford all this,” I told her regretfully.

“Didn’t figure you could so consider it on the house. You look like you haven’t had a decent meal in days.”

Chewing on my lip I nodded and thanked her. I’d just finished off the last bite when she came back, slipping into the seat across the booth from me. “What’s your name honey?”


“Pretty name. I don’t think I’ve run into a Blair before. So, anyway Blair you’re new around here aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am. I’ve only been here,” I glanced at the clock on the wall behind the cash register, “two hours?”

“Are you planning on sticking around or moving on? Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m just asking because from what you said, you’re a little cash poor and we could use another waitress if you’re interested. It doesn’t pay a lot but it’s better than nothing. Besides,” she smiled, “I’m tired of running my feet off and could use the help. And before you ask, yes I can hire you. I’m half owner of this gorgeous dump.”

I took a deep breath, considering my options, and then nodded. “If you’re sure. I worked at a coffee shop in high school so I sort of know my way around. It’s been a while though.”

“Right,” she said with a laugh. “What, all of about three years at most?”

“More like five,” I admitted.

“So you’re interested?”

“Oh yes, ma’am, very interested.”

“Whew. Great. You can start tomorrow. And stop calling me ma’am, I’m Bonnie.” She held out her hand, smiling.

I shook it and smiled back. “Thank you Bonnie. I’ll be here first thing in the morning. Is there, do I need anything special in the way of a uniform or something?”

“Naw. As long as it’s a skirt and blouse you’re good. Be here at six and I’ll give you the ten cent tour before we open. I’d do it now but I hear my name being called so I’m getting that someone thinks they need a menu, or to pay me.” She grinned as she got up. “See you tomorrow.”


  1. You always get me thinking...Blair can go both Blair male, female or trans. Because Bonnie said skirt so yup wondering here...guess all will be revealed. Lol

    Happy New Year!

    1. That it will...eventually.
      Happy New Year to you!