Saturday, November 11, 2017

(37) When all else is lost the future still remains

“You look, you will pardon the expression, like hell,” Kayne said when Shan reappeared in the command center, with Race following closely behind.

“I’d say I feel like it too, but surprisingly I don’t. The kid there could use some cleaning up though.”

“Both of you are bleeding whether you realize it or not,” Addie pronounced as she went to one of the closets to dig out a med kit.

“She didn’t even see me, barely,” Race whispered to Shan.

“Vampire here, Race. I could smell it.” She returned with the kit and told him to sit so she could take care of his arm. “And you, mister, off with those jeans so I can deal with your knees,” she ordered Shan.

“Excuse me,” he grumbled, “but I’m not…well…”

She laughed. “Do you ever wear underwear? Okay, Mr. Modesty, find a towel and then take them off.” As she started to work on Race she shook her head. “Kayne, a bit of your magic here please, this antiseptic is way past its sell date.” While Kayne obliged, he pointed out she could have healed the wound just as easily.

She disagreed. “Somehow I doubt Race would feel comfortable with my licking him, even if it is just his arm.”

“At this point I doubt it would have bothered me much,” Race told her, more than a bit stunned as he watched the deep gash slowly knit together.

“Now you.” She turned to Shan and shook her head in amusement when she saw him standing there in leopard form. “Guess that’ll work just as well.” ::Coward,:: she added in his mind.

::Didn’t want to embarrass Race.::

Addie’s eyebrow shot up. ::Somehow I doubt that embarrassed is what he would have been feeling.::

::There was that, too.::

::Such a sensitive little leopard.:: When he chuffed in annoyance she scratched behind his ears before telling the others, “Let’s run a check down here to see what’s left that could come in useful, while Shan finishes his healing.”

“What else was down here?” Race asked as he trailed after her.

“At the far end of the hall is the weapons and practice room. That,” she pointed to one door as they walked past it, “leads to Shan’s training room. It’s very well reinforced and was warded, though I doubt they’re standing anymore.”

Kayne stopped for a moment, pressing his hand against the door. “Amazingly, there are a few wards still, although far from what’s needed.”

“Training for sorcerers?” Race asked.

“Battle mages,” Addie told him. “Although if we stay here long enough he might just use it to work with you, I suppose.”


  1. I wonder if the training would cause Shan to see Race differently or would Race see Shan differently than now.