Friday, November 3, 2017

(33) When all else is lost the future still remains

Race shivered as he stood in one of the empty rooms along the hallway. He wished with all his heart he’d remained behind and taken his chances at staying hidden in the city until the evil entity in the Messenger’s body had been taken care of. Instead he was stuck here with a man who at best saw him as the ‘kid’ that he called him, and at worst despised being encumbered with a human he’d have to protect while trying to deal with keeping Addie safe.

Sinking down, he leaned back against the desk that sat askew in the center of the room. Wrapping his arms around his knees he closed his eyes.

“Okay kid, come out where I can see you,” Shan growled.

Race’s eyes flew open in surprise. He was tempted to ignore Shan’s order but had the feeling that if he did the man would just come in and drag him out from behind the desk. Somewhat sulkily he stood, turning to face him.

“Look, I’m sorry that I came across as such an ass back there,” Shan said in way of apology. “I’ve just got too much on my mind right now.”

Race shrugged. “No problem. I understand.”

“Do you?”

‘Yes. You have to figure out how to catch the sorcerer and keep Addie safe at the same time.”

“Exactly. And since you seem to think you have some ideas how to secure the tunnels I’d like to hear them.”

“Seriously?” Race looked at him in shock.

“Yeah, seriously. I have a feeling you’ve done that kind of thing before during your stay on the streets.”

“Yeah, well, more to keep my stuff safe when I wasn’t there than to keep me safe. It’s all in creating an illusion is the way I think of it. See what you have to do…”

“Come and show me.” Shan stood at the door waiting for Race to join him.

An hour later, some what dirtier than when they’d started out, the two men made their way down the second tunnel, Shan doing some magical reinforcing of broken walls while Race made suggestions on what could be done in the way of camouflage. They were almost to the bottom, the light from the command room showing dimly ahead of them, when Race stopped suddenly.

“Now what kid?” Shan asked, barely avoiding bumping into him.