Monday, June 2, 2014

I could a tale unfold - 8

"Eyes right," Ross growled as he and Kirk left the diner.

Kirk smirked. "But you're on my left," he said, as his gaze roved over a couple of half-way handsome young men walking by.

"You damned well know what I mean." Ross sighed, reining in his flash of jealousy.

Putting his arm around Ross' shoulders, Kirk said softly, "I've told you before; I may look, but I don't stray. Usually. Certainly no more than you do."

"I know. Sorry. I just get a bit bummed out when you're with me and you so obviously look at someone else like they're Grade 'A' Prime."

"Tell me you didn't think those two were pretty damned built."

Ross looked and nodded. "Yeah, they're not too bad, for straights."

"No way."

"You're gaydar's off. I happen to know they are. I've seen them around with their wives."

"That doesn't prove anything," Kirk protested.

Ross snorted derisively. "Not everyone's Hildie and Newt. Speaking of which, is he still on your case?"

"No. He's laid off, finally, thank goodness. Though he does keep a weather eye on her during rehearsals. I suppose I should be glad we're not doing a romantic comedy. He'd probably be sitting stage right glaring daggers at me the whole time we were working."

"Just watch out for poisoned swords," Ross replied with a laugh.

"And cups of wine. Yeah, yeah." Kirk smiled, planting a kiss on Ross' temple as they approached the side door of the theater. "I'll try to get down to see you if Chandler gives us a break."

"And vice versa if my boss lets me take time off to breathe."

Chuckling, Kirk swatted his ass. "That should be no problem at all---boss."

Ross returned the swat with one of his own as he opened the door, stopping long enough to kiss Kirk quickly before they headed off in separate directions.


  1. Short, short, too dang short! LOL! Love it so far, another wonderful conversation and I am going to pm you on something that just hit me that I am thinking you are going to do! I know you won't tell me but I am going to say it anyway!