Saturday, May 31, 2014

I could a tale unfold - 7

"Just over two weeks and counting before tech and dress rehearsals." Kirk stretched, and then bent to touch his toes, giving Ross an excellent view of one of his favorite parts of his lover's anatomy. Kirk straightened, turning to grin at Ross. "Mind out of the gutter there young man."

Ross laughed hard. "It's a pretty damned sexy gutter you know."

With a roll of his green eyes, Kirk said, "Be that as it may, let's finish getting dressed. We've got a long day ahead of us and I'd feel better with some decent food in my stomach."

Half an hour later, dressed casually in jeans and T-necks, the two men were sitting in their favorite diner, perusing the menu. When Kirk decided on a double order of pancakes and sausage, Ross frowned. "You do want to be able to fit into you doublets, right?" he muttered.

"Yes, father." Kirk sighed, cutting the order in half when the waitress arrived. "Not like I wouldn't have worked it off," he grumbled when she'd left.

"I know, but"—Ross reached over to pat Kirk's stomach. "So, anyway, what's on your schedule today?"

Kirk gave a groan. "A full run-through without scripts in hand."

"You'll do just fine if last night was any indication. You've got ninety percent of it down cold."

"The words, yeah. Now I have to work on the emotions behind them."

Ross nodded. "That's the hard part, and the reason I'm glad I didn't take up acting. Well, other than having a major case of stage fright."

"That still surprised me, considering how well you get along in large groups. You're much more personable than me in that way."

"If you wouldn't glower so much."

Kirk frowned. "I don't 'glower'."

"Yeah you do. You sort of close down and—glower when there are more than a few people around you in social situations."

"Nope, don't glower." Kirk shook his head in denial. "I just listen hard."

"Alright, I'll take your word for that," Ross replied with a laugh, muttering 'glower' under his breath.

"You are so asking for it, buster."

Ross was saved from making the obvious retort to that by the arrival of the waitress with their food.


  1. Wonderful as always! Love your conversations. Can't wait for more!