Snow Cat

The Runaway and the Enforcer
Everyone Has Secrets
Searching for My Killer
The Man on the Balcony
In the Name of Love

His Secret Admirer

Protecting Max
Nothing in Common, Except...

Under the Radar

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: A Romance

Galen's Destiny

Cole and His Dog

The Elevator Murders
His Best Friend's Brother

You Can Never Walk Away 

Ghostly Investigations

The PI and the Prof
A Deadly Homecoming
Making the Rent the Hard Way

C21 Box Set

The Recluse
Not Your Average Man

Sing for Their Supper

The Diner
It Takes a Photographer
Someone to Love Him

Lonely Vampire 

It Takes an Archaeologist
Murder on Rainbow Lane

Engagements Can Be Deadly

It Takes a Forger 

It Takes an Artist

Perfect Strangers

 Uncanny Activity

Perhaps, Someday

The Hitchhiker Murders

The Element Case

Tate's Quandry

Love and Christmas

Off on the Wrong Foot

Sean's Predicament

Dylan's Dilemma

Don't Touch Me!
Henri - To Catch a Kidnapper-Book Two
Let Go of Loneliness
Allyn and Ransom - To Catch a Kidnapper - Book One

You Do What You Have to Do

Never Let Go of Hope

Hell, Look at Me

Death, Love and Wednesdays

Art Theft 101

 The Housemate

The City PI and the Country Cop


Wrong Side of the Law

Garth's Chronicle

The Vampire's Angel (Immortal Angst - Book Two)

L'Histoire de Francois:Vampire (Immortal Angst-Book One)

The Hit Man Cometh

You Belong to Me 

 Yin and Yang

Sins of the Fathers

Majors' Follly

Sui Generis

The Actor and the Thief

Mandate Series - Book 2

It's All In the Attitude
Mandate series - Book #1

The Martin Twins 

Sins of the Fathers 

An Honorable Man

Everyone’s Man

Forbidden Fruit

Hitman’s Creed

Mage of Silence

The Beast Within

Shadow Men 

We Are the Guardians  4 Hearts

Lessons Learned  5 Lips 

You Can't Change the Past  5 Hearts

New Beginnings - 5 kisses 

Safe Harbor 

 A Time to Gain, A Time to Lose 


One Plus Two Equals...

A New Life

Eye of the Beholder

Trust - Winterfield #6


The Martin Twins


  1. where can I find your book Fear?

    1. Unfortunately at this point you can't. When Silver Pub closed I got rights back to it and I haven't subbed it anywhere else yet.