Sunday, May 20, 2018

My Brother’s Keeper - 27

Jerry eyed his brother with some amusement as dinner progressed. Roy was definitely not paying attention to the food on his plate if the fact that he’d eaten maybe three bites of his steak meant anything. His concentration seemed to be more on Tad than on the meal. They had barely said two words but the glances they exchanged told Jerry that things between his brother and Tad might progress well beyond a few stolen kisses.

He took pity on them finally and finished the last of his dinner quickly. Then he stretched, yawned, and announced that he was going to bed. When Roy immediately asked, somewhat guiltily, how he was feeling, Jerry quickly assured him that he was all right, just tired still.

“I bet I’ll sleep like a log. I won’t even know when you get to bed,” he told him with a knowing grin.

Tad chuckled. “Sure you won’t.”

As he headed to the kitchen door, Jerry said over his shoulder, “That is if he even makes it to bed…in our bedroom.”

“Brat,” Roy growled.

Jerry’s laughter floated back as he headed to the bedroom.

“Let’s get this cleaned up,” Tad said as he began taking the dishes to the sink. “And then we can see if he was right.”

As he began to rinse them so that he could put them into the dishwasher, Roy came up behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist. “Can’t that wait until morning?” he asked, nipping Tad’s ear.

“And face a sink full of…” Tad broke off with a groan as Roy’s hand slid down to cup his already half-swollen cock through his jeans. “I guess…yeah…they can wait.”

“Good, because I can’t.” Roy turned Tad around, smiling at him before leaning in to kiss him. The kiss escalated, the heat between the two young men reaching Vesuvius proportions, and for a moment neither of them was aware of the screaming of a car alarm coming in through the closed window from the back parking lot.

Then Tad jerked away. “That’s my car,” he said, pulling back the curtain on the kitchen window to look outside.


  1. Has danger come knocking so to speak? Awesome part here just hope it doesn’t send Roy packing afraid if he runs too soon Jerry may progress downward. Could have been that shank? So many possibilities