Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Brother’s Keeper - 21

“Damn, sorry about that.” Roy felt as if he’d been blindsided by his brother.

Tad shook his head. “Don’t be, he’s just a kid. Though it was sort of a mood killer.”

“Big time,” Roy agreed because he thought that’s what Tad wanted to hear. It hadn’t killed his mood, or more it hadn’t killed his interest. If anything, it had intensified it as he wondered what it would have been like to kiss Tad. “Let me get these clothes out of here and then, well…”

Tad took a quick glance towards the kitchen door, noted Jerry had closed it, and smiled to himself. “And then what?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” Roy leaned against the washer as he studied Tad’s face. “I was hell bent on us getting out of here before you knew we’d gone. That seems to have been shot in the ass.”

“Sort of, yes, and if you still want to leave I can’t stop you.”

“Really?” Roy tapped a knuckle against his lips while he watched Tad with barely suppressed desire.

Tad chuckled softly. “I suppose I could try wrestling you to the ground and hog-tying you.”

“Best two out of three falls?” Roy closed the space between them in two steps.

“Maybe.” He tentatively touched his fingertips to Roy’s cheek.

“I’d let you…”

“Hog-tie you?” Tad looked at him in surprise.

“Kiss me…”

“Ahh.” He rubbed the ball of his thumb over Roy’s lips. “What if I didn’t want to?” he teased, relenting quickly when Roy started to pull back. He slid his hand around to cup the back of Roy’s head before he leaned in to kiss him lightly. “But I do.”

“Don’t…” Roy whispered as he returned the kiss, “talk.” He kissed him again, his tongue tracing the juncture between Tad’s lips, seeking entrance.

Tad hesitated, then parted them, his pulse quickening as Roy’s questing tongue began to explore his mouth.

“Guys, hate to break up whatever you’re doing, but I’m starving.” Jerry’s voice came through the closed door, fraught with amusement.

“I’ll kill him,” Roy growled.

Tad gave Roy one last, impassioned kiss, muttering, “Not if I get to him first.”  


  1. OMFGODDESS this is so great,amazing, brilliant, aaacccckkkkk! I still love Jerry, but hoping Tad and Roy can be help to one another.

    1. I think they're working in that direction, despite Jerry's interference. LOL