Sunday, May 27, 2018

Guardian Angels - If It's Fated… (19)

Twenty-five years later:

"Well, I'll be damned!" Dom turned with a grin to look at Deidre. "We finally know why we had to get Tim and Richard together. Well, beyond the fact they were made for each other." He quickly tucked in his wings when she came to look over his shoulder at what he was reading.
The description under the photograph accompanying the article said it all.
Cherilyn Chandler-Lewis, accompanied by her parents, as she receives the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her research leading to a cure for Alzheimer's.
It showed Cherie, now a lovely young woman, standing on a stage with Tim and Richard behind her. In the article, she was quoted as saying, "I couldn't have accomplished this without the loving support of both my fathers. They taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it." 
"To use an expression from way back in the day, we done good," Deidre said, kissing Dom's temple.
"Actually, they did it. We just facilitated things by bringing them together."
Deidre nodded. "It was a good assignment, in more ways than one. If Samuel hadn't put both of us on it…"
"I'd still be living with the anger and guilt over what happened to my family."
"As would I, over not being able to keep them—and you—alive."
Dom pulled her into his lap, being careful not to ruffle her wings in the process. That was something he'd had lots of practice doing over the past few years. Not ruffling her feathers however…
He chuckled when she said, "You've done that a time or three, but then what married couple doesn't argue on occasion. We wouldn't be human if we didn't."
"Well, as angels, we're supposed to be above that."
Deidre laughed. "Where is that written in the handbook? We have emotions now, just as we did before we died. We'd be useless otherwise."
"I totally agree," he replied softly. "The predominate emotion I'm feeling right now is love."
"I love you too, Domingo," she whispered.
"Domingo, huh? Now I know you're serious. You never use my full name otherwise."
"Very, very serious. I love you. I will forever."
"A very long time—forever—but I feel the same." He kissed her gently. "I'll love you forever and a day."
"Domingo, Deidre… in my office now." Samuel's voice rang in both their minds.
"Well, that sort of blew my next plan," Dom said in disgust when Deidre slid off his lap.
She grinned at him as they walked out of the room. "I'm sure we'll find time to implement it eventually." 
"You better believe it."

The End

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