Sunday, May 13, 2018

Guardian Angels - If It's Fated… (17)

"Okay, you were right," Richard said, half an hour after he and Tim arrived at the library. "Only fifty words."
"Now," Tim replied, handing him 'War and Peace'.
Richard broke out laughing. "I so don't think so. I do have to get back to the gallery sometime before the end of the Millennium."
"And I've been keeping you from doing that," Tim replied contritely.
"Come on. I came here of my own choice. However…" Richard picked up his coat from the chair next to him and put it on. Then he asked, "Are you free Saturday night?"
Tim nodded, speechless for a moment. He refrained from saying, "What Saturday aren't I?" instead shyly replying, "Yes."
"How do you feel about going to a movie with me and Cherie? We do that almost every weekend, if there's something out that's suitable for kids."
"I'd love to."
"Great. We can pick you up around seven? Well, if I knew where you lived."
Tim grabbed a slip of paper from the pad sitting on the table, and the pencil beside it, to write down his address.
"Walking distance from here," Richard commented.
"Which is a good thing, since I don't own a car," Tim said.
"Very seriously. Librarians don't exactly make a ton of money and since I have two good legs and feet, I've always figured why pay for what I really don't need? The bus works if I have to go across town or what have you."
"Walking also keeps you in shape, from the look of it," Richard said, eyeing him.
Tim looked away in embarrassment. "I guess."
Richard chuckled. "I definitely think so, so as Cherie would say, deal. Now I'd better get out of here before my people wonder if I've fallen off the ends of the earth. I'll see you Saturday."
"I'll… Yes, you will."
Tim watched Richard leave, smiling happily. When he turned to get back to work, he almost bumped into Ms Gaines. "You're doing it again," she said.
She grinned at him. "Smiling like the cat who found the cream. Are you and he…?"
"Right now, we're just friends but…" He shrugged.
"With luck, it'll be more? Don't look so surprised. I'm not blind or ignorant of the facts of life. I figured out a long time ago women weren't your thing." She patted his arm. "Most of us here have, but we decided it wasn't any of our business. I hope this works out the way you obviously want it to."
"Thank you," Tim said almost under his breath. "So do I."


  1. Love this installment, I am hoping all will go well but I know there’s gonna be more work to do for these two!