Thursday, April 12, 2018

My Brother’s Keeper- 8

“Mr. Cooper, my office, please, now.”

Tad jumped slightly, cast a worried look at one of his friends sitting next to him in the classroom, and then got up to follow Mr. Moore. Once the door was closed behind them, Mr. Moore actually smiled as he indicated Tad should take a seat.

“I would like you to submit your photographs of those two homeless boys to the arts committee. If they accept them, then they’ll be in the winter art show.”

Tad sucked in a deep breath. “I…thank you, sir. I’m honored.”

“They are excellent and I think you know that so stop being so modest.”

With a nod, Tad started to stand. A thought came to him and he asked, “Won’t I have to get their permission since it will be a public showing?”

“Of course that is the optimal situation. But if you don’t know who they are you are still legally allowed to show the photos. They were taken in a public place and thus the subjects have no legal right to privacy.”

Tad nodded. “I guess.”

“If it will make you rest easier, see if you can find those young men. However please do not put yourself in danger in the process. I would hate to loose such a promising student.”

“Thank you.” Tad felt his face turning red at the compliment from a man who was usually so reticent to give them.

“That is all, Mr. Cooper. Now go put together your portfolio and submit it.”

“Yes, sir.”

When he returned to the classroom Tad couldn’t help the grin that broke out. He sat down, leaning across the aisle to tell his friend what had happened. Melodie, who was two seats away, looked upset when he didn’t immediately come over to tell her. He saw her frown and sighed. Quickly he let her know as well, adroitly avoiding her attempt to hug him as she squealed happily.   

Now all I have to do is find them. No matter what Mr. Moore had told him, he didn’t think it was right to show the photos of the two young men until he knew that it wouldn’t cause trouble for them. After all, there had to be a reason they were living on the streets. Perhaps they had run away from a bad home situation or were orphaned.

This weekend, he decided firmly.


  1. Talk about a needle in a haystack! So many places to go to maybe the gods and goddesses will look favorably on him

  2. When he finally finds them I wonder if he will try and help them or will it take him a few encounters to jumpstart the feeling

  3. Also wondering how Roy and Jerry is gonna take all and this in lol sorry just one of those installments that got me thinking which is dangerous

  4. Thinking can be dangerous, but not in your case. All questions will be answered in time, I promise.