Monday, April 2, 2018

My Brother’s Keeper- 3

Tad waited, hands behind his back, as Mr. Moore looked through his pictures one more time. So far the professor hadn’t said a word, his face a blank that showed neither approval nor disapproval. Tad was used to that. The man never let a student know what he was thinking until they were on pins and needles in anticipation.

“Very good, Mr. Cooper,” the professor finally said. “You caught the desolation and the horror of trying to survive on the street.” Then he turned to look at Melodie. “Where are yours, Miss Raines?”

“I…well…I thought I had taken some the same time Tad did but I guess my camera wasn’t set right because they came out too dark. So…” She gave Mr. Moore a small, hopeful smile. “You do understand?”

“I understand that the assignment was due in today and you have nothing. I’m afraid that merits you no grade, again. Perhaps you don’t belong in this class Miss Raines.”

“But Tad…”

“This is a college course, not a…” Mr. Moore shook his head as he moved on to the next student.

“It’s not fair!” Melodie pouted as she looked at Tad. “If you’d just let me use a couple of yours.”

Tad sighed. “That’s not how it works. I’m not carrying you because you don’t feel like doing the class work yourself.” He gathered up the photos, putting them back in his portfolio.

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m your girlfriend,” she grumbled.

“Sometimes I do too,” he said under his breath.


  1. A user never changes, he may need to find another girl that doesn’t use a guy for homework. Do not mind sharing notes but not a grade.