Sunday, December 31, 2017

Guardian Angels – An Interesting Life (25)

Paddy had had no trouble getting the information from Margolin's safe. The only problem he ran into was the Margolin's large Newfoundland. The dog, as animals sometimes did, sensed Paddy's presence and came into the study while Paddy was rifling the safe for the blackmail information. It sat down on its haunches, panting and drooling as it watched. The moment Paddy closed the safe again, the Newfie stood and tried to get him to play. Paddy bit back a laugh at the look of surprise on the dog's face when its paw went right through the place where Paddy was standing.
"Sorry, pup. I'd love to stick around and entertain you, but I have more important things to attend to right now."
The Newfoundland looked around, trying to find the source of the voice that was in its head. Then it let out a deep, frustrated bark, which was Paddy's cue to leave posthaste.
Before returning to Evan's house where the others were waiting, Paddy opened the envelope. He wanted to see if he was right about the information Margolin had been using to blackmail Marshall. He was. "Go dtachta an diabhal thú, (May the devil choke you)," he spat out angrily. He was sorely tempted to destroy the contents but knew that if Marshall was going to believe there was no chance of his being blackmailed again, Vic had to give him the set of pictures and the negatives that the envelope contained. Paddy did, however, stop at an all night copy store. He knew someone who would want to see the pictures for very personal reasons.
When he got to Evan's house, he handed the envelope to Vic. He could see the temptation to open it on Vic's face. Then the man shook his head. "Whatever's in here is none of our business. As soon as it's morning, I'll give this to him and then the job is over."
"What about Margolin?" Evan asked.
"There's nothing we can do, legally, and somehow I think you'd frown on my dealing with him the way Mrs Peake and her thugs did with me."
"So they all get off scot free," Evan said angrily.
Dom shook his head. "I suspect they'll get what they deserve—in time. As one of our compatriots is wont to put it, 'Karma is a bitch'."
"You all believe in Karma," Vic asked in surprise.
Dom smiled. "Guardian angels come in all sizes, shapes, and beliefs, just as humans do."
"Okay, now that I think about it that makes sense. If they didn't, half the people in the world would be unprotected when they needed it most."
"A good deal more than half, when it comes down to it," Paddy said.
"So now you're going back to… wherever?" Vic didn't sound very happy about that idea.
Paddy replied, "Until the next time you need us." He grinned. "Personally, as bad as it sounds, I hope that's soon. I rather enjoyed playing detective."
"You could always come back and visit, when you're not saving someone else's skin."
Paddy glanced at Dom then nodded. "I just might. For now, however…"
"We'll miss you," Evan said. "Both of you."
"The feeling's mutual," Dom replied. "You take care of Vic and try to keep him out of trouble."
Dom grinned. "Yep. I think you two have a dinner date and after that… Well, let nature take its course."
Evan looked at Vic and smiled. "Not a bad idea."
"Not at all," Vic agreed softly. "Not at all."
"Until next time," Paddy said, and then the angels vanished.

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