Sunday, December 24, 2017

Guardian Angels – An Interesting Life (24)

Vic moved with Margolin, as did Evan, who said quietly, "That's not what she says."
"Who the hell are you two?" Margolin asked angrily under his breath.
"As I said, acquaintances of Mrs Peake's," Vic responded, gripping Margolin's shoulder. "I think we should talk about why."
Margolin nodded toward a door at the side of the room. "In there, and this had better be good."
Vic smiled, noting the beads of sweat that had broken out on Margolin's forehead. He doubted they were caused by how warm the room was. He dropped his hand to his side and he and Evan followed Margolin.
As soon as they were in what turned out to be a small conference room, Margolin closed the door and asked tightly, "What is this about?"
"Your confidence that the governor is going to win the primary. From all the polls I've seen, he's running well behind Mr Marshall. However"—Vic paused dramatically—"I understand you have come up with a way to change that."
"Good politicking and a good man will win out every time," Margolin stated defensively.
"Neither of which you have going for you, so you came up with another way to win. You're blackmailing Mr Marshall to force him to withdraw from the race."
"You are out of your mind!"
"I don't think so." Vic smiled and lying through his teeth said, "Mrs Peake and I had a long conversation about why you had her try to get me off the case."
"What case?" Margolin glared at Vic. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Yeah, you do. I was hired to find out who was trying to blackmail Mr Marshall. I did, thanks to your lover's ineptitude at hiring goons to do her dirty work." Vic turned to Evan. "I'm betting he thinks he has evidence that Marshall took a bribe to get a bill passed."
Evan shook his head. "I'm leaning more toward his having a mistress, just the way Mr Margolin does."
"Naw. Marshall is very happily married and has been for years, with"—Vic grinned a bit—"two point five kids and a dog." He returned his attention to Margolin. "Whatever you think you have on him, Marshall is not going to fold and pull out of the race."
"This discussion is over! I will not listen to any more of your insane accusations."
"So be it, but I will find out where you're keeping whatever it is you're using to blackmail him, because I know it is you. I just hope, for his sake, the governor isn't in on this with you."
"He has no…" Margolin clenched his teeth, pushed past Vic, and stormed out of the room.
The moment the door slammed behind Margolin, Paddy and Dom appeared.
"The governor's in the clear," Dom said.
"And we know where Margolin's keeping the information he's planning on using against Marshall," Paddy added.
"Where?" Vic asked.
"In his safe at home."
"I don't suppose you picked up on where it is in the house?"
"I got was a flash of a picture. One of his family. I'm guessing the safe is behind it."
"That's a start," Vic said. "All we have to do is get Mrs Margolin out of the house for a couple of hours."
"You're planning on breaking and entering?" Evan asked. "You have to figure he's got hellish security on his place."
"I think we can help out," Paddy told him. "And we don't have to break in. The only problem might be getting into the safe."
"So go pick his brain for the combination," Vic said.
Paddy glanced at Dom. "You're better at setting a trigger to make that happen."
With a nod, Dom disappeared.
"A trigger?" Evan asked.
"Putting a thought in his head that will make him think about what we need to know—in this case, the combination."
"Boy, between the two of you, you could rob this city blind."
Paddy grinned. "We could, but we're angels, not demons, so we wouldn't."
Dom reappeared four minutes later, smiling triumphantly. "Got it."

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