Sunday, December 3, 2017

Guardian Angels – An Interesting Life (21)

Getting captured again was not a problem. Vic walked off the elevator to find the same men who had grabbed him before waiting on either side of the doors. As they had guns and he didn't, going with them was a no-brainer if he didn't want to be shot on the spot. This time—thankfully, as far as he was concerned—they didn't drag him off and beat him up before taking him to their boss. They shoved him into their car, tied his hands tightly, blindfolded him, and drove away from the building.
"I'm right here," Paddy said. Vic had the feeling Paddy had to be in the passenger seat, since the mechanic from the garage was in the backseat with him. 
"Thanks," he replied sincerely. He might have set himself up physically and mentally for this, but knowing he had backup in the form of an angel went a long way toward making him think his plan might actually succeed.
"This is interesting… and not in a good way," Paddy commented a few minutes later.
"How so?"
"I have the feeling Mr Peake was not being exactly truthful with you before."
"You're shitting me."
"Well, I'll be damned."
Paddy chuckled. "That's not my department, so I couldn't say."
"Yeah, yuck it up."
The car came to a stop. When the doors opened, Vic was rather unceremoniously pulled from the backseat. One of the captor's hands gripped his upper arm and he was led into what he could only presume from Paddy's comment was the auto repair shop.
He felt something hit the back of his knees. "Sit," one of the men ordered. So he did. His hands were untied, then retied behind the chair. When the blindfold was removed, he blinked at the glare of light.
"Welcome, Mr Kingston." Virginia Peake said.
Vic blinked again, only this time it was in surprise. "Where's your husband?"
"Carl?" She smiled. "Undoubtedly at home, watching whatever sports program is on at the moment."
Vic nodded slowly. "I gather the phone really wasn't stolen? Were you trying to set him up to take the fall if it came down to it?"
"Actually"—she stood and came around the desk, looking down at Vic—"I was hoping you'd manage to track down Jerry"—she nodded toward the mechanic— "and show up here, the way you did. I planned to deal with you at that point, but unfortunately you brought your friend with you. One disappearance could be explained. The two of you together would have been more difficult."
"Sorry to have spoiled your plans," Vic said, sneering. He almost said something about the men's orders to kill Evan when they broke into the house, but realized in time there was no logical way he could have known that. "So now what happens?"
"I have a few questions for you. Answer them honestly and your death will be painless, more or less. Lie to me and my friends here will be quite happy to make you see the error of your ways."
Vic smirked. "I'll do my best."
"First question. How did you find out Carl's phone number?"
"That one's easy. When your goons tried to break into Evan's house, one of them dropped a scrap of paper they'd written it down on."
Mrs Peake glared at the two men. "First you lose your gun, and then the number? What kind of idiots are you?"
When they didn't reply, Vic muttered, "I gather that was a rhetorical question. Now I have one for you, Virginia. May I call you Virginia? And that wasn't the question. Who put you up to this?"

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