Tuesday, December 19, 2017

(55) When all else is lost the future still remains

“Everyone ready?” Shan asked as they stood on the far shore of the reservoir. With their enhanced eyesight, both he and Addie could make out their target. Race, however, could only see the expanse of water they had to cross—about two miles of it according to Shan.

The water was calm which made Race feel somewhat better. He’d just as soon not start this whole expedition off with an upset stomach. Not that it wasn’t closing in on that already, as nervous as he was. At Shan’s insistence, he was armed to the teeth, enough so that he’d laughingly asked if he was supposed to carry one knife between his teeth like the pirates in some of the books he’d seen. That had earned him a cocked eyebrow and a slight grin from his lover before Shan had told him this was serious business they were on.

“We know the dhampir and his father are still in residence and, according to the scuttlebutt Addie picked up from someone she knows, two of the vampire’s three minions are also there. That sways the odds in their favor, or so they’ll presume.”

“Then they know we’re coming after them?” Race had asked, feeling the knot in his stomach tighten.

“They shouldn’t, but never underestimate your enemy. I suspect that the vampire just wants to show up at the conclave with a show of support backing him.”

Race had nodded, his mind at that point more focused on the few minor spells Shan had trained him to use than on anything else. He hoped by doing that, the tension would ease. He knew, or at least prayed, that he was capable of dealing with humans if any showed up, and maybe younger vampires. The dhampir and his vampire father, Shan had told him, were not his concern and he’d as much as ordered Race to make a swift exit if either to them looked twice at him. Not that Race intended to do that. As far as he was concerned, when it came down to it he might be just the distraction needed to take their enemies concentration off Addie and Shan at a critical moment. Not that he intended to be stupid about it, but anything that gave his friends an edge he was willing to do.

Now Shan asked again, “Are you two ready to do this?”

Addie smiled grimly. “If you’d quit asking and get into the boat we could.”

Shan growled softly, stepping in to join them, casting off the rope that held the small boat tethered to the pier. Then he chuckled softly, taking the oars as he glanced at Race. “Right now I’m thinking your pirate analogy was right.”