Monday, October 30, 2017

(31) When all else is lost the future still remains

“About time you got here,” Kayne said acerbically.

Race glanced at Addie and then beyond her to the door. With a smile she told him Shan had been right behind her. “Knowing him, he’s checking the condition of this level and probably even assessing its defensibility.”

“Considering what happened it’s in fairly good shape,” Shan said seconds later as he joined them. “If I’m remembering correctly, there were only two entrances directly from the outside, the tunnel we just used and another one from here.” He tapped his fingers on the computer console nearest him, thought for a moment, and then strode across the command center to one of the tall cabinets that lined the far wall. Touching it he murmured a few words and it swung ponderously inward. “Easier than physically pulling it open,” he said when Race looked surprised.

“You were not aware he is a sorcerer?” Kayne asked Race.

“I guess I knew that, sort of. Addie said something to him about wards around his house on the island. But I’ve never seen him actually use his magic, well that kind of magic.”

Kayne nodded, once again studying the young man.

Shan watched them both before smiling knowingly. “Are you going to try to bring it to the forefront?” he asked Kayne.

“Definitely something to consider. You did not see it? I am quite surprised.”

“I wasn’t really looking,” Shan replied with a shrug.

Race moved closer to Addie, whispering, “What are they talking about?”

“If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say you have the potential to be a magic worker, which isn’t surprising all things considered.”

“Umm humm, sure. Human here, in case they didn’t notice.”

Addie laughed. “We have a very human friend who is gifted. It happens.”

Overhearing them, Shan said to Race, “It’s possible that the same accident that caused you to be able to sense non-humans also opened up the part of your mind that holds your magical abilities.”

“Then why haven’t I been able to do…whatever?”

“Because you didn’t know you could, and because you need to be trained on how to.”

“And he’s going to do that?” He glanced at Kayne.

Kayne shook his head. “I am afraid I do not have the time. Even being here helping the three of you is taking me away from my duties. No, I think I shall leave that task for Darshan.”


  1. Oh my fuchsia goddess! I love this so much! Great part just really eager for more ☺️

  2. Can't wait for the Wednesday part.