Thursday, October 26, 2017

(29) When all else is lost the future still remains

“There.” Race pointed to what appeared to be just another hole created by the explosion that had brought down the Compound.

“You have good eyes,” Kayne commented as he moved to stand at the edge of it.

“I’m just used to looking for…things like that. May I ask a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why don’t you just transport us inside?”

Kayne chuckled. “I may be powerful, more so than you can imagine, but I’m hardly willing to chance doing that and ending up disturbing what could be the delicate balance of some wall or ceiling. Having part of the remaining structure crashing down on us would serve no useful purpose and could end in injury, and in your case death.”

“So instead we’re going to go crawling down some tunnel and possibly do the same thing in the end.”

“No, because as we move along I can set up reinforcements to keep that from happening, whereas just jumping into the center of an unknown area might not give me the time needed to do so.”

“But aren’t you the all powerful Wizard of Oz?” Race asked, trying not to laugh at the look of disgust that crossed Kayne’s face a second later.

“Boy,” Kayne growled.

“I do have a name you know.”

“Race in no more of a name than Boy,” Kayne retorted.

“True, but it’s mine for whatever that’s worth.”

“Yours by choice, not by birth?” When Race nodded Kayne patted his shoulder. “I would suspect it might fit you better than your given one. Now, shall we see what lies beneath this mess?”

“Are you going to fit in there?” The opening was wide enough, but peering into it, it looked as if the tunnel narrowed quickly.

Kayne smirked. “Would you like it if I turned us into mice so that you don’t have to worry?”

“Can you do that?” Race asked, figuring he probably could.

“Yes, although I usually do it to enemies. For now, however, I suggest we go down as we are. A touch of magic when necessary will ensure neither of us gets stuck.”


  1. Love it so much! Race is awesome and I think I am going to fall for Kayne may need his story next! lol smooches 😚