Tuesday, October 24, 2017

(28) When all else is lost the future still remains

Race stood to one side as Kayne surveyed what remained of the Compound. Shan still wasn’t back and Addie had disappeared somewhere, leaving him alone with the terrifyingly tall, powerfully built man. As a result he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself.

Kayne turned, beckoning to Race. “Come here boy,” he ordered.

Hesitantly, Race walked over the stand beside him, feeling very much like the ‘boy’ he’d been called as he looked up at Kayne.

“If you were going to make this place habitable again what would you do to it? Keeping in mind that it also has to be defensible against whatever that sorcerer might throw at you.”

Race frowned. He was shocked that Kayne had asked his opinion and intended to give the question the serious thought it deserved. “First,” he finally replied, “we’d have to find out if anything is still there under the rubble. I’m would guess, since they keep calling this the Compound, that it was some sort of military base and probably went down as well as up.”

“It did,” Kayne replied. “And what if some of the underground rooms still remain in usable condition?”

“First off you, don’t disturb the vegetation that’s grown over the rubble. It has to appear that no one has been around since the building was destroyed.” Thinking, he tapped a finger to his lips before asking, “Do you know if there were secret entrances, especially leading to the lower levels?”

“I believe so. Addie and Darshan would know for certain.” He smiled slightly. “I understand that using secret hideaways is somewhat your forte.”

“I suppose so.” Race shrugged. “You do what you have to to stay safe on the streets.”

“Or anywhere else.” Kayne studied him intently for a long moment, causing Race to shift nervously under the scrutiny. “You have potential boy,” Kayne said.

“For what?”

Kayne just smiled. “When I decide, then I will tell you. Until then, what say we do a little exploring to see if we can find one of the secret entrances. I suspect Addie and Darshan will be a while still.”

Race felt a sudden flash of jealousy at that thought, even though he was almost certain it was unwarranted.

Chuckling softly Kayne told him, “They are friends, nothing more,” as he started walking along the perimeter of the blasted area, his eyes searching the ground.

“Did you just read my mind?” Race asked angrily as he followed.

“No, boy, your emotions were written on your face.” Kayne stopped short, looking at Race. “You might be good for him,” he said, nodding slowly. Then he continued walking.