Wednesday, October 18, 2017

(25) When all else is lost the future still remains

“If he’s found us, why aren’t we staying here to fight?” Addie asked. “It’s certainly much more defensible that either of our places, and with the wards I’m certain you have in place, whoever he’s sending won’t be able to get within a thousand yards of us without you’re knowing.”

Shan scowled angrily. “Very true, but there are the islanders to consider, I won’t do anything that will endanger them. Their lives are hard enough as it is. So any battle here is out of the question. Sure, we could remain within the wards, but too soon you’d need to feed, and Race and I would need more than the mangos to keep us alive, as well. However,” he paused momentarily, “we’re not going back home.”

Something in tone of Shan’s words made Addie sit up and take notice. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“According to the message from Kayne, you don’t have a home any more,” he said quietly, putting his arm around her.

“Not again,” she whispered in a pain-laced voice. “When will it end?” There was a moment of deathly silence and then she straightened, pulling away from him. “Where are we going and who do we get to kill?” she said savagely.

“Not my place. The exterior may still be standing but that’s all that’s left of it. Whoever is responsible for this is doing their best to make certain we have no real options left.”

Addie steeled herself as an idea came to her, one she knew Shan would resist with the very marrow of his being, just as she already was. But it was perhaps the only option. Taking his hands in hers she said, “We go back to the ruins of the Compound.”

“No fucking way in hell!” he growled, pulling away, rage suffusing his face. “How can you even suggest such a thing Addie?”

“Because it’s the one place in the world where no one would expect us to go.”

“No! Absolutely not! I’d rather face a thousand deaths than go back there again.”

Race walked around the corner of the house at that moment, bags slung over his shoulder. He froze when he saw the emotions running rampant over both Shan’s and Addie’s faces and began to back away.

“Get over here Race,” Shan growled. “We’re leaving. Unless, of course, you want to stick around and practice your defensive skills on a bunch of rabid humans.”

Race inched closer, muttering, “I’d rather not, given my druthers.”

“Good.” Shan grabbed his hand and then reached for Addie’s.

She stepped away with a shake of her head. “Not until you tell me where you’re taking us.”

“To meet Kayne. From there we’ll decide, but it will not be the Compound.”