Tuesday, October 10, 2017

(21) When all else is lost the future still remains

Shan forestalled any questions from Race, telling him he’d just as soon wait until Addie was up and moving so he didn’t have to repeat himself. There was food laid out on a low table---fresh fish, fruit, and a juice that Shan informed his came from the mangos that grew all over the island.

“That’s what those are?” Race nodded towards the huge trees laden with fruit at one side of the clearing.

“Got it in one. If nothing else, we won’t starve while we’re here.”

Race frowned. “What about Addie though?”

“People live at the other end of the island. They rarely if ever come here because of the demon leopard that haunts this side.”

“Meaning you I presume.”

“Exactamente.” He glanced at the house and smiled. “Speak of the devil.”

“If I don’t get a shower soon I will be the devil incarnate,” Addie grumbled as she came to join them. Sitting down beside Shan she asked, “Just how did we end up here?”

“Teleported of course.”

“Wait,” Race said, “I thought you weren’t going to do that because we could be followed.” He looked around as if expecting attackers to appear through the trees at any second.

“I couldn’t do it, but we’ve got a friend who is probably the most powerful sorcerer still alive. He did it without leaving a trace of a signature behind.”

“Kayne,” Addie said, smiling. “How is the old gryphon these days?” When Race looked surprised and doubtful she nodded. “Yep, a gryphon. A real one when he isn’t in his human form.”

“He’s bossy as always,” Shan replied in answer to her question. “But he did volunteer to come back and help if we needed him.”

“I don’t suppose he could shed any light on who the ‘person’ is that’s taken over the Messenger?”

“Nope, but he is going to stop by my place and see if he can pick up any clues. He said not to count on it though. A sorcerer strong enough to inhabit someone else’s body is undoubtedly able to hide any traces of who he is from others. Even from Kayne.”

“What are we going to do then?” Race asked as he munched on a slice of pineapple, wincing slightly at the unexpected tang. “Not like out of a can,” he commented.

“Not even,” Shan agreed. “As to what we’ll do. For the time being we’re going to enjoy our short vacation, get a good tan,” he chuckled, “well except for Addie of course, and wait to see what our enemy tries next.”