Saturday, August 5, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 52

“Ah, wait,” Aidan said after a moments thought. “I take that back. Of course Kenton has a connection to the court. He admitted to having spies there.”

“And you don’t?” the battle elf asked.

“Truthfully, no. I have cut any and all ties with our world, despite the apparent rumors to the contrary.” He stepped back a pace, placing himself beside Kenton, the tip of his sword pressed against the elf’s throat. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill him now and save us all the trouble of doing so later.”

Daniel immediately shifted while Jared and Mor spread out, each of them facing one of the doors into the room.

“Because if you do, you won’t find Circe’s wand,” Kenton said, his voice strong despite the position he was in.

“Quite honestly, I don’t give a damn about the wand,” Aidan retorted. “It can stay wherever you hid it until the proverbial Hell freezes over. It would be best for all concerned if it did actually.”

The battle elf looked at him in surprise. “You’re serious?”

“Deadly serious. Better it stays hidden than that anyone in the court gets their hands on it.” Aidan pulled his sword away from Kenton but remained on high alert.

“He lies,” a voice said from the hallway and then the second of the three elves appeared. He was clad in the same type of armor as his compatriot and wielded two large swords, one of which he swung at Aidan.

::Finally, some action:: Daniel said as he leapt toward the elf, fastening his jaws on the arm swinging the sword.

::And of course you’re the one who jumps into the fray first:: Jared replied acerbically as he waited for the third elf to put in an appearance.

::Well duh:: Daniel clamped down harder on the elf’s arm, twisting to avoid the sword of the first elf as it came slamming down where he’d been only seconds earlier.

The door from the study burst open and the third elf entered the room, only to be met by a flashing stream of fire as Jared used one of his powers to keep the elf away from the fighting.

Aidan brought his sword up, forcing the first elf to retreat slightly before he did any damage to Daniel. Meanwhile Mor circled the room, weaving a spell around Kenton to keep him in place. Kenton fought it off even as he shouted, the aura of command strong in his voice, “Enough!”

For a moment more, the fighting continued as the one elf tried to use his second sword on Daniel and the third elf adroitly evaded a second fire stream while moving in on Jared.

Once more Kenton ordered, “Enough!” Then more quietly he added. “This is not necessary. Stand off, all of you.”

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