Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 47

“No way in hell. Not now.” Jared slammed his hand down on the desk, causing Daniel to jump and look up at him in surprise.

“Not like we have much choice in the matter. Besides they’re kind of cute so it would be nice to save them before someone else finds them and does who knows what.”

“Yeah, right. One by itself may be cute, if they keep their wings hidden, but a family of them living in someone’s backyard, that’s a problem.” He sighed. “Okay, if we have to, we have to. Let’s find them and get this over with before supper.”

Daniel nodded, humming ‘High Hopes’ as he took them just outside of the city where their targets had been spotted.

It was a large yard behind an equally large home. Daniel landed them just outside the split-rail fence. From there they could see toys, a gym set and a sandbox. There was also a garden and several tall trees. In the corner farthest from the house was a tool shed, its door cracked open.

“Twenty to one says the kittersals have setup housekeeping in there,” Jared pointed at the shed.

Daniel nodded. “And use the sandbox for other than its intended purpose,” he added with a chuckle. “Now we just have to convince them to relocate somewhere else before the word gets out that there are flying cats in the neighborhood.”

“I guess we should thank our lucky stars the man knows something about Supes and called the Council right away.”

“He’s a cop in the loop, according to the report, so it’s not surprising.”

“Well let’s go have a chat with our targets.” Jared started to open the back gate, stopping when a small, blonde-haired girl came streaming out of the house into the yard, heading towards the shed. “Oh boy, now what do we do?”

“I deal with her; you take care of the kittersals.”

“She’s going to scream bloody murder if we come into the yard,” Jared pointed out.

“Maybe, but if she likes small cats she should just love a bigger one.” Daniel grinned as he opened the gate and then shifted. He padded into the yard, waiting for the child to spy him before lying down so as not to frighten her.

“Oooh, big kitty,” the little girl cried as she ran over to stand in front of him. “Pretty kitty.” Fearlessly she reached out a hand to pet him.

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