Sunday, July 16, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 42

The shadows were deep between the streetlights that sat on each end of the street. Large homes formed dark silhouettes, some accented by illuminated, curtained windows. Towering trees and tall hedges, outlined by wrought iron fences, only served to heighten the illusion of small, private worlds housing those who could afford the ornately decorated and balconied mansions.

Daniel and Mor stood in front of one of them, a three-storied creation with ginger breaded eaves and fancy grillwork on the balconies. All the windows were dark but Daniel could see the flicker of candlelight deep in a room on the ground floor.

“Someone’s here,” he said softly. “Whether it’s Kenton is of course the question.”  

She put a finger to her lips as she studied the house with both her eyes and her senses. “It is him, or one with as much power as he has,” she finally whispered.

Nodding, Daniel spoke with Jared. ::Unless you’ve found something to negate it we think we’ve found Kenton::

::Excellent. Now if I can drag Aidan away. He insists he wants to visit the zoo::

Daniel chuckled softy. ::Tell him I’ll take him tomorrow and even buy him cotton candy::

“Cotton candy my ass,” Aidan said indignantly, if quietly, as he and Jared appeared beside Daniel.

Daniel bit back a rejoinder to that, pointing to the house.

Aidan turned to study it before consulting with Mor. “I agree with her, there’s a sorcerer in there. The question becomes can we enter without being fried, boiled or otherwise attacked.”

“We can do the obvious, go up and knock on the door,” Jared pointed out.

“Tell him we’re trick or treating.”

“Gods Daniel, grow up,” Mor grumbled.

He gave her a wide-eyed look. “But being a kid is so much fun, and around all of you that’s exactly how I feel.”

“Just how old do you think I am,” Mor asked, huffing.

Before Daniel could answer Jared clapped a hand over his mouth, saying, “Now is not the time, children.” He started up the walk to the front porch of the house and knocked, not waiting to see if the others had followed.

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