Friday, July 14, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 41

“So far no luck, which leaves us with the two here in the city. If they don’t pan out we’re back to square one.”

The others nodded in agreement at Daniel’s words.

“Do we want to try them tonight or wait until morning?” Aidan asked.

“If everyone isn’t too tired I’d prefer tonight,” Mor replied. “I’ve had enough sunlight to last me for a while, or at least until I recharge my amulet.”

Jared cast a worried look at her as he said, “I’ve got no objections.”

“I’m fine,” Mor told him, patting his arm. “I just don’t want to push my luck and you know that the sun drains my powers somewhat even with the amulet.”

“Then tonight it is,” Daniel stated. “Split up again or go as a group?”

“Let’s split up as before,” Aidan told him. “If Mor or I feel anything we’ll pull back and regroup.”

“Okay, she and I will take this one,” Daniel pointed to the spot on the map marking a home in a very up-scale neighborhood. “You two can have the one near the zoo.”

Aidan chuckled somewhat maliciously. “If he’s there, it could make one wonder how many of the zoo animals were human at one time.”

Daniel glanced at Jared and smiled slightly. There was at least one there that they knew for a fact wasn’t a true primate. Rather he was a Skunk Ape who had wandered into the area in search of food, terrorizing the locals who though it was an escapee from the zoo. The pair had managed to corner and capture him and the Supe Council had arranged for its incarceration at the zoo.

“If we’re ready,” Mor said, eager to get moving and find Kenton.

“Five minutes more, I need food,” Daniel told her over his shoulder as he walked quickly to the kitchen.

Jared followed him, leaning against the counter to watch as his partner threw together a massive sandwich. “You’re not on the verge of killing her yet?” he asked, quirking a grin.

Daniel shook his head. “She’s actually been very well behaved, even nice.”

“Good.” He waited until Daniel had the sandwich made before reaching for his hands, pulling him to him. “Needed to do this before you ate that monstrosity,” he told him before kissing him thoroughly.

“Think we’ll really get out of here tonight?” Aidan asked Mor, shaking his head in amusement when he felt the raising lust coming from the kitchen.

“Two minutes and I go break them apart,” she grumbled in reply. “How come Jared was never this horny with me? I swear he can’t keep his hands off of Daniel.”


Mor thought about that for a second. “No, not really. Well maybe just a bit because I’d like to find someone who cared that much for me. Jared and I had a good marriage for a while, but then,” she shrugged.

Aidan nodded. “I understand. And I think their two minutes are up.”

Mor grinned, starting towards the kitchen. She stopped when Jared appeared, running a hand through his hair to tame it again before telling her, “Now we’re ready.”

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