Monday, July 10, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 39

Despite Mor’s wishes to the contrary, Daniel did the transporting once Mor had activated her amulet so that she could handle the sunlight. He landed them in a field across the road from the small plantation house that was listed as belonging to one of the elves.

“I’d say he’s definitely a back-to-nature elf,” Daniel commented as they studied the property. Other than the house itself, which was in definite need of some repair work, from what they could see, there was nothing else on the land but trees, bushes and flowering shrubs. “Do you sense any magic?”

“Some, yes, but nothing out of the ordinary for a normal elf. We all carry some of it within us in case you didn’t know.”

“Trust me I’m well aware of that. Jared and I have dealt with a couple of them.”
Mor looked at him questioningly but he shook his head. “A story for another time. For now let’s go meet the owner. Will you be able to tell if he’s shielding more power than he’s showing?”

“I should be able to.” After linking her arm in his they crossed the road and walked up the long path to the house.

Before they got to the veranda the front door opened and a young man stepped out. He looked at Daniel and grinned. “I didn’t do it whatever it was, enforcer.”

Daniel laughed. “But you probably did something else you hope I don’t find out about. Mor, I’d like you to meet Crispen, or at least that’s what he called himself when I knew him. Apparently either he was lying then or he lied when he registered with the Supe Council.”

“Or both,” Crispen said as he strode forward to take Mor’s hand, kissing the back.

“Oh my, a real gentleman.” She smiled at him while telling Daniel, “Unfortunately he’s not the one we’re seeking.”

Crispen released her hand to look at the two of them. “Who are you looking for?”

“Baesysti , or as he called himself here, Kenton St. Pierre.”

“I’ve heard of him,” Crispen replied with a frown. “You’ll have a hard time finding him I’m afraid. He’s been in hiding for, damn, at least two hundred years, maybe more. It seems he came into possession of something the court would love to get their hands on.”

“We know. That’s why we need to find him,” Mor told him.

Crispen looked at her, a frown creasing his handsome brow. “So that you can turn him and the item over to your own people?”

“Not at all.” She glanced at Daniel and when he nodded she explained, without going into too much detail, exactly what was going on.

When she’d finished Crispen nodded. “All I can say is ‘good luck’. If I could help you I would, but…” he shrugged.

“Not a problem man,” Daniel replied. “At least we’ve eliminated one suspect.”

Crispen grinned. “For that crime anyway.”

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