Saturday, July 8, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 38

Daniel headed back to the computer saying, “Good, we have a plan. Now how the hell do we find one elf that may or may not even be in the city any longer.”

“First you check the Supe Council records. By our laws every Supernatural should be registered and listed.”

Daniel laughed derisively. “If that were the case, there’d be no need for us, now would there. But I’ll check them just for yucks and grins.”

A couple of minutes later he looked up at Aidan. “Damn, there are more elves around than I’d have thought. Unfortunately your Kenton isn’t one of them, or at least he’s not listed by either name.”

“May I take a look at the list?” When Daniel nodded,  Aidan leaned over his shoulder to look. As he read through he used the mouse to highlight the ones that he knew or knew of. When he’d finished there were six names left. “Presuming he’s followed the laws he’s one of those.”

“Better than having to check out all of them,” Daniel said. “Mor, do you know any of these?”

She came over, leaning a hand on his shoulder as she looked. “Scratch that one. He’s a real bastard but he’s also a dark elf so not our Kenton.”

“Aren’t bastard and dark elf synonymous,” Aidan muttered as he went back to where he’d been sitting.

Before Mor could make a rejoinder Jared stepped in, asking Daniel to print out the five names and last known addresses. While he was doing that, Jared got out the city map and spread it on the table. Soon they had the five locations marked on it.

“Interesting,” Daniel commented. “These two like to live a life of luxury, or they hate being in the city per se and chose homes well away from it.”

“Could be both, as elves prefer to live as close to nature as possible. Although,” Aidan tapped the map, “if they’re to be believed, two of them have chosen residences in the heart of the city.”

“And the last one split the difference and settled along the bay.”

“I suggest,” Jared said, “that we start with the two farthest away. The ones who live in plantation country. Daniel and I can take one. Aidan, you and Mor can check the other.”

“Not a good idea. Neither of you has the ability to ferret out real magic,” Aidan replied. “I’ll go with you, Jared. Daniel and Mor can pair off. The one thing we do know is that Kenton is powerful. Enough so that he can probably shield from the likes of you two.”

Jared nodded. “A good point.” After glancing at the clock he suggested the others have something to eat and then they could set out.

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