Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 36

“Still,” Daniel said, “if Marie St. Pierre's name is bothering you, Jared,  then considering why she’s on the list, you should try to figure out the reason.”

Mor frowned in thought and then told them, “There was a family by that name in France in the seventeen hundreds that was reputed to practice the magical arts. The scion was beheaded during the Revolution and the story goes that at least some members fled to the New World.”

“That’s it! Actually Marie St. Pierre and her brother Kenton were sent here when their parents began to realize that things were not going well for the aristocracy. She was widowed at a young age and met Gravier after she came here. And it’s not Marie we should be looking for but her brother.”

“He’s not listed as an owner of the property,” Daniel pointed out once he’d double-checked.

“That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have secreted the wand where we found it. There’s at least a remote possibility that their father was captured and beheaded not only because he was part of the aristocracy but also because he was a sorcerer.”

A knock on the door interrupted them. Daniel went to answer and found Aidan standing there tapping his foot impatiently. As soon as he entered, the sun elf homed in on Mor, saying, “Finally.”

She arched an eyebrow in question. “You were looking for me?”

“Yes. I need to see the wand again.”

“That will be a little bit difficult as I don’t have it. It seems the previous owner had taken it back.”

“Baesysti has it?” Aidan said in surprise.

“Hang on, you know who it belonged to?”

“Yes Jared. Or to be more precise who had control of it.”

“Who is this Baesysti?”

“He’s an elf. In the human world he goes by the name of Kenton St. Pierre, or he did a few hundred years ago.”

“Well, I guess we’ve found out who hid the wand. The question is why, and why did he take it back.” Daniel looked at Aidan. “Do you know?”

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