Friday, June 30, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 34

“A third possibility, the wand is connected to someone and they summoned it,” Daniel pointed out.

“If that were the case, why wait until it was taken from its original hiding place to do that,” Mor asked somewhat scathingly.

“Duh, because who or whatever summoned it back is the one who buried it in the first place.”

Jared nodded in agreement. “That makes the most sense. It didn’t just end up deep in the ground under that warehouse. It was hidden there, probably long before the warehouse was built, by someone who didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.”

“I wonder what they consider is ‘wrong hands’? After all Mor had no intention of misusing it.”

“But they might not have known that,” Mor said. “They check on it for some reason, discover it’s been taken and try to summon it. But by the time they do I’ve sent it off into hiding. Their first chance to get it back is when it returns.” She sighed deeply. “I wanted it so badly, I had it in my hands, and now it’s gone again to who knows where.”

“I’d be willing to bet the owner is a resident of the city,” Jared stated. “He, or she, wouldn’t have left without taking it with them. As Mor said they probably checked occasionally just to be certain no one had disturbed the hiding place.”

Daniel looked at them. “So presuming that what we’re thinking is fact, how do we find them, and do we even want to?”

“Yes we want to,” Mor stated emphatically. “If for no other reason than to be quite certain that the wand is in safe hands. After all, when you stop to think about it, if the owner summoned it from my room then he could have done the same from where he’d hidden it.” Her eyes lit up with a sudden thought. “That could be how he discovered it was gone in the first place. He wouldn’t have had to go to the warehouse in person.”

Jared frowned. “Then my theory that he lives here isn’t necessarily true.”

“I disagree,” Daniel told him. “If you own something that precious and powerful, you don’t go far from it. It’s even possible that he once lived where the warehouse is now. It would certainly be a good idea to see who used to own that property.”

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