Monday, June 26, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 32

The bakeneko rose on its hind feet, stretching itself as it did until it was just over five feet tall. It hissed at Jared as it hurled two balls of fire at the day-walker, howling in anger when Jared moved swiftly to avoid them.

Then it saw Daniel, and suddenly the bakeneko was in its human form, a slender, golden haired, and very naked female who purred seductively while she sashayed towards him, her hands outstretched.

Daniel whistled softly in feigned appreciation as he moved with cat-like grace to meet her. He held out his hands with the intention of taking hers and thus capturing her. He drew back quickly when hers turned back into cat’s paws with razor-sharp claws that swiped viciously at him. “So the kitten wants to play,” he said with a feral smile. Seconds later he was in his jaguar form.

Giving a low growl the bakeneko shifted again, her fur standing on end, ears laid back, tail weaving as she looked for an opening to attack. Daniel watched her carefully and then leapt, clamping his jaws down on her shoulder. She twisted her body, her hind claws raking across his stomach in an attempt to make him loosen his hold. Despite the pain he clamped down harder, holding her as Jared approached. The day-walker deftly avoided her gnashing teeth to grip her head between his hands so that she had to look at him. Seconds later she went limp, a deep sleep overtaking her.

Daniel regained his human form again, struggling to pull on his jeans at the same time that he was pressing one hand to his stomach. “Someone should de-claw her,” he growled.

“Let me see.” A small pixie fluttered over, hovering beside him. He pulled his bloodstained hand away and she moved closer, murmuring softly under her breath while she drew her tiny hands along the deep gashes. As she touched each one it healed. When she’d finished, she flew up to brush an almost imperceptible kiss across his forehead as she thanked him for saving them. Almost immediately they were surrounded by the rest of the wee folk, all of them adding their thanks to hers.

Jared handed Daniel his shirt, waiting until he’d donned it before helping him to stand. When he was certain Daniel was able to move on his own, he picked up the bakeneko. “Let’s get her back to Council headquarters so they can deal with her,” he suggested.

With a nod of agreement Daniel put his arm around Jared’s waist and they vanished.

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