Thursday, June 22, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 30

“Okay,” Daniel said an hour later, “if there’s any form of sexual activity, regular or otherwise this place doesn’t cater to, for damned sure I can’t think of it.”

“And you found some of them interesting,” Jared said with a laugh, glancing down at the now waning bulge in Daniel’s jeans.

Daniel smirked. “You weren’t impervious either, I noticed.” He led a slightly protesting Jared to the dance floor in the main club, putting his hands on his partner’s hips. “Relax, go with the flow, move to the music.”

“There’s music?” Jared tilted his head as if trying to hear it above the pulsating beat that came from the speakers.

“Yes, smart ass, you know damned well this is music. Just relax.” He slid his hands around to cup Jared’s ass, pulling their bodies tightly together.

“Very primitive music,” Jared agreed reluctantly, “Primitive and erotic. It’s a wonder half the supes in here aren’t fornicating as we speak.”

Daniel glanced upwards, rolling his eyes. And then he chuckled and pointed to the ceiling. “Apparently a couple of fairies agree with you.”

A quick look up and Jared was shaking his head. “I’m not a prude but that’s just a bit more than I needed to see.”

“You are a prude,” Daniel whispered, nipping his earlobe, “My own, personal prude.”

They continued to dance through two more songs before Jared had had enough. Taking Daniel’s hands he led him to the edge of the main room. “Either we leave or we leave here. I’m going deaf.”

“How about the jazz room? We can have a drink, sit back and you can unwind.”

“Please the gods, yes!”

Once they found a table along one wall in the smaller club, the pair settled on the banquette, ordered drinks, and sat back to enjoy what Jared considered real music. The room was dark, and with everyone’s eyes focused on the band Daniel was seriously thinking of taking advantage of the situation. He began tapping his fingers on Jared’s leather-clad thigh in time to the song, inching up slowly but surely to his intended destination.

“Enforcers,” a voice said diffidently.

Both men looked up and sighed in unison, though Daniel’s was more of a growl than a full-blown sigh.

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