Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 29

“Loud enough for you?” Jared hissed when they walked into the main room of the club.

“Almost,” Daniel replied with a laugh as he looked around. The room took up the center of the huge warehouse space, rising up the full two stories. A balcony ran around the perimeter with tables against the railing for those who preferred to watch rather than get into the thick of things on the main floor.

And things were thick. The large dance floor was filled with Supes of all kinds. Some were in their accepted human forms, while others didn’t bother to hide their less-than human attributes. Spotlights swirled all the colors of the rainbow over the dancers giving a kaleidoscopic feeling that was almost dizzying. On the back wall there was a long bar outlined in green and gold neon lights. The wall, what could be seen of it behind and above the backbar, was deep red brick that extended up to the ceiling of the club above the balcony. Scattered along the two side walls were many small seating areas with tables and cushioned chairs in various sizes and shapes, again to accommodate the various Supes.

“Shall we explore a bit before I go deaf,” Jared shouted as the music seemed to amp up painfully, at least to his ears.

“You got it.” Daniel steered him toward a door to their left.

When they reached it, a satyr bent to whisper something to the lovely kitsune clinging to his arm, before greeting Jared. “If you're hungry, there’s a room with willing donors at the far end of the hall. To the left is the jazz club, much smaller than the main club and,” the satyr chuckled, “much quieter. Above us on the second level, you’ll find several small club areas that cater to the wee folk or those that prefer not to mingle with the rest of us.”

“He means the spirits,” the kitsune explained, “and the harbingers. Since this place is for fun, some of the customers take it badly when a banshee or a nix stops them to predict their impending death.”

“I can see where that could be a bit off-putting when you’ve just come in for a drink and some relaxation,” Daniel said, shaking his head before asking, “What’s on the other side?”

The satyr’s face lit up, a lustful grin on his lips as he raked his eyes over Daniel. “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

Daniel swallowed hard. He had nothing against a bit of recreational play but he wasn’t about to indulge in any without Jared in tow. However the look in the satyr’s eyes, as he took a quick glance at Jared and then back at Daniel, said that wasn’t an option in his opinion.

“How about we let the young lady give us the guided tour of that side,” Jared suggested, having caught the by-play. “I’m quite certain you have better things to do ,sir, than show a couple of new customers around.”

The kitsune, being a fox who was wise to the ways of the world, immediately linked her arms with Daniel’s and Jared’s, leading them over to the other side of the club. There was a protracted growl and then an accepting chuckle from behind them and when Jared looked back over his shoulder he saw the satyr was already homing in on another hapless customer.

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