Sunday, June 18, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 28

“We should visit that club.” Daniel looked guilelessly at Jared before taking another bite of his steak.

“Should we now? And just which club would that be?” It wasn’t as if Jared didn’t know exactly which one Daniel was talking about, but he was in the mood to yank his chain a bit.

“You know; the one close to where we found the wand.”

Jared frowned in thought. “Not certain I remember a club near there. Is it one of those jazz clubs?”

“Jared! Damn, come on, Mor told us about it. It’s the one for Supes.”

“For Supes?” Jared stroked his chin pensively.

“I swear I’m going to up your dose of ginkgo biloba. You’re going senile,” Daniel growled.

“Day-walkers do not go senile, thank you very much,” Jared hissed before laughing. “I know the club you mean.” He ducked away when Daniel took a swipe at him. “And it might well be worth checking out.”

Daniel grinned. “I totally agree. So get dressed in something that doesn’t make you look like you just stepped out of a corporate board meeting and let’s hit it.”

Looking Daniel over Jared muttered, “I suppose you want me wearing something like that.” His partner was in tight jeans and a mesh shirt. Neither item left much to the imagination, as Daniel demonstrated by standing and turning slowly. Jared pulled him up against his body, running his hands down the front of his jeans to the bulge that grew exponentially with each stroke of his fingers.

Daniel leaned back against him, groaning low while reaching his hands back to cup Jared’s ass. “Keep that up and we’re going nowhere.”

“And this would be a problem for what reason?”

Using all of his waning will-power Daniel pulled away. “I know what you’re doing Batman, you’re trying to distract me so you don’t have to change into those sexy leathers you keep hidden in the back of the closet.”

“Caught me, Catman,” Jared said with a grumbling laugh. After pulling Daniel back long enough to kiss him thoroughly Jared headed off to get ready.