Friday, June 16, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 27

Daniel and Jared turned to Mor, who shrugged. “Hell if I know where the wand is,” she said.

“You don't know?” Aidan looked at her in disbelief.

“I. Do. Not. Know,” Mor said slowly as if he was an idiot.


Mor sighed. “Because the spell I used to hide it, just it in case I was being forced to reveal its whereabouts, doesn’t end for another six days.”

“At which point it will reappear where?” Aidan asked.

“In my workroom, and that room is not accessible to anyone but me unless I let you in.”

“Would you be willing to let me see the wand when that happens?”

Mor’s eyes gleamed in amusement. “Now why on earth would I do that for a sun elf?”

“Figures,” Aidan replied with a snort, glancing at Jared. “Dark elves are about as trusting as humans, when it comes to anything important. She’d probably destroy it rather than let me touch it, thinking my touch would somehow ruin it.”

Turning serious, Mor said, “I’m not afraid you’d ruin it, but I can see you wanting to take it back to your court so that the archmages could study it. And I have no doubt that you would at least attempt to steal it from me to do that. Not that you could of course, but I’d seriously rather not have to stop you. You seem to be of some use to Jared.”

Aidan sighed. “I am not a thief, my dear woman. And for your information, at this point in time I have little love for the court. As much as I dislike this world, I would prefer to remain here than return there. That is one of the reasons I agreed to help the Council of the Supernaturals when necessary. In exchange they keep my whereabouts hidden from those who might come searching for me.”

“Trouble in paradise?” Mor said, but she smiled just slightly as she did. “I can understand your feelings I suppose. There are those of my kind who would not grieve if I were to die.”

“I bet,” Daniel and Aidan muttered at the same time.

Jared broke into laughter. “Okay boys and girls, I think it’s time we all disbanded. It’s been a long, stressful day. Aidan, give me a call in the morning?”

The elf nodded, adding, “In the afternoon if it’s all the same to you.”

“Evening, and not before,” Daniel said, wrapping his arms around Jared. “He’ll be busy until then.” Without another word the pair vanished.

Mor chuckled. “Those two, I swear, they’re either working or in bed. There’s no in between.”

“Bed sounds good to me right now,” Aidan commented as he too disappeared.

“Me too,” Mor said under her breath as she headed that way. “Now if I only had someone to share it with.”

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