Thursday, May 11, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 9

Smoke and Mirrors - 9

“All right I stand corrected; this is hardly a cave in the normal sense of the word.” Daniel looked around in appreciation. Other than the fact that there were no windows, it could have been a luxury apartment in a high-rise condo building. Thick carpets covered the stone floors and tapestries in rich colors hung on the walls. The furniture was an eclectic mix of antique and modern that worked well together despite the disparity.

“I hope it meets with your approval,” Mor said sarcastically as she stepped through one of the several arches carved into one wall. She turned to Jared and her look of displeasure turned into one of modified delight. “To what do I owe this visit my dear?”

Daniel bristled at her words but kept his peace, for the moment at least. However when Mor stroked Jared’s cheek with too much familiarity, Daniel quickly moved closer to his partner.

“We’re here for two reasons actually,” Jared replied, stepping a pace back from her and closer to Daniel. “Have you been to your house in the city recently?”

Mor scowled, either from his moving away, because of his question, or both. “I have,” she replied tersely.

“Do you know who did that?”

“No, and I have no idea what they would have been searching for.” She stalked gracefully to one of the sofas, her white hair flowing behind her in a striking contrast to her mahogany skin.

“I was told you were looking for a new antique of some kind. Did you find it, or could someone have thought you did?”

“Damn, Evan never could keep his mouth closed,” she muttered in disgust. “No, I haven’t found it yet, and it’s not really an antique in the usual sense of the word.” Mor patted the sofa beside her and after a moment’s hesitation Jared sat.

“Daniel my dear,” Mor said with saccharine sweetness, “why don’t you go through there,” she pointed to one of the arches, “and follow the hall to the kitchen. I have coffee brewing and there are goodies in a pastry box on the counter that only need putting on a plate.”

“Who died and put you in charge of me?” he growled, crossing his arms over his chest rebelliously.

Jared leaned back watching the two of them with open amusement.