Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 8

A quick search of the house told them no room had been left untouched. They found the note that Jared had put in her mailbox still there, along with what looked like at least two days worth of mail.

“Who told you she actually was back in the city?”

“Evan. Apparently he saw her at a restaurant. They talked for a few minutes he said, about antiques and some item she was after, and then they went their separate ways."

“I wonder if she found it and that’s why this place was tossed. Given the places that were searched it probably isn’t too small.”

“If she had it here she would have put it in the safe, not behind the books or under the mattress,” Jared pointed out.

“But whoever was searching might not have known that. And it was humans, not Supes.”

“Yes, hired help probably, as a Supe would have left traces that she would pick up on.”

“So did the humans, and if this was done in the last few hours I can track them.”

“Tonight, Daniel. I don’t think walking down the street in jag form is going to go over too well during the day, even if you’re on a leash.”

“Yeah I know.” Daniel sniffed the air and then dropped down on one knee to sniff the floor by the front door. Shaking his head he went to the back of the house and sniffed again and paced from window to window. “They were transported in so that shoots that idea.”

“That being the case, it might have been by someone Mor knew well enough that they’ve visited her here. Where the hell is the woman?”

Daniel shrugged slightly. “I’m beginning to wonder if something’s happened to her.” 

“That’s what I’m afraid of, too. Either that or she’s seen this,” Jared flung out an arm to encompass the mess in the living room, “and is hunting them. Or she’s gone to ground.”

“Seems to me the next step, then, is to go pay a visit to her cave.”

Jared smiled slightly. “It’s hardly a cave even if it is deep under the mountain.”

“Dark elves live in dark caves, at least in my book.”

“Whatever, as the teens are wont to say, however I agree, we should check there next.”