Saturday, May 27, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 17

The dwarves didn’t stay to see what they’d dug up. Being more than happy to have been of assistance to Mor, especially after she gave them a few precious gems, they returned to their caverns far beneath the earth.

Jared and Daniel however had no intention of leaving Mor’s home anytime soon. Not only did they want to see the wand, they also had to help her decide exactly what to do to hide it again. Although she assured them that the nahual could not follow their signatures back to her home, they none the less wanted to be certain that was, in point of fact, true.

“He’s an unknown factor,” Jared pointed out to her, “with unknown powers that could prove to be stronger than yours.”

“I have my knights to defend me then,” she replied, patting his cheek.

He sighed deeply but took his argument no further for the time being. “Shall we open the box?” he asked instead.

She nodded and started out of the room, stopping just long enough to tell the men to follow her, indicating that Daniel should bring the box with him.

“There she goes again. When’s she going to realize I am not here to be her servant?”

“When hell freezes over,” Jared replied with a laughing whisper.

They followed Mor down a long tunnel that lead deeper into the mountain. At one point it split into three parts. She paused as if trying to decide which one she needed, explaining when asked that the room they were going to moved whenever the whim overtook it. “A safeguard of sorts against those who might be looking for me or for what it contains. Today we’re in luck, there are only three tunnels to contend with. There have been times when there are as many a six or seven and you do not want to make the mistake of following the wrong one.”

“You’re the only one who can sense which the right one is?” Daniel asked.

 “Yes,” she replied shortly as if that was a stupid question.

“Hey, was just asking,” he told her. “Hell, you could have set this up so Jared would be able to as well, all things considered.”

“She did offer to, back when we were married,” Jared said. “I declined. There’s a reason the room is so well concealed, and even I could be forced to reveal the secret under the right set of dire circumstances.”

Daniel shivered at the thought and nodded that he understood.

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