Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 12

Jared and the others were bent over a map spread out on the dining room table at the apartment. “This is as close as you can pinpoint it?” he asked.

“I’m afraid so.” Mor’s long fingernail traced a circle that encompassed ten city blocks.

Daniel crossed to the computer as he said, “Well it’s better than we had before, Jared. Let me bring up the satellite maps so we have a better idea of what buildings are there.”

“Looks like it’s mostly warehouses from the size and shapes of them,” Jared muttered as he went to stand behind Daniel.

“Nope, not all of them.” Mor pointed to one that encompassed most of a block. “I visited this place during my initial search of the area. It’s a new club, mainly for Supes, though they let humans in too sometimes, if they’re with a Supe or aware of them.”

“You’ve been there? You go girl,” Daniel chuckled. “I’ve heard of it, of course, but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.”

“It’s…interesting,” Mor told them. “They’ve broken the building up into a great many different spaces to accommodate everyone’s proclivities; for those who like the loud vibrant club scene atmosphere, to those who have more, shall we say, specialized tastes.”

“Meaning sexual or otherwise?” Jared frowned as he thought about that.

“Both. If you were hungry you could get fed by willing minions. If Daniel was into rough sex his needs would be met. There’s a room for the wee folk so they don’t get trampled if they want to be in their own form, heavily guarded to stop any troubles that might ensue.”

“And the large folk?”

“Have part of the basement area. Those trolls and gargoyles can really rock when they put their minds to it. Pardon the pun.”

Daniel rolled his eyes as he printed out the maps they’d need.

“You do realize that this club probably isn’t where the wand is. Too many Supes might feel it’s presence if they’re sensitive enough,” Jared commented.

Mor shook her head. “I can barely feel it and I’m attuned to such things. It’s well concealed, and warded I think. That’s not to say you aren’t correct in your assumption, but we shouldn’t bypass the club just because of it.”

“First things first. We’ll walk the area in question while you probe for the wand and Daniel and I link to see if we feel the nahual anywhere close.”

“You can do that?” Mor looked at him in surprise.

“Yes. That’s what makes us such a good team of enforcers, very little gets past us when we put our minds to it.”

“Literally and figuratively,” Daniel added, chuckling. “We might even be able to feed you some energy if you find yourself starting to fade from the pressure of an intense search.”

“Thank you,” Mor replied sincerely although the smile she gave them was centered much more on Jared than Daniel. “That might help.”


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