Saturday, May 13, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 10

Mor waggled a finger at Daniel. “I could make you do as bidden.”

“Like hell. You try any of your little magic games and you’ll have one very pissed off jaguar on you hands.”

“Oh will I?” She began to murmur an incantation.

“Stop, both of you,” Jared ordered. The tone of his voice brooked no argument and both Mor and Daniel went quiet. “Now Mor what is this article you’re looking for?”

“The Wand of Circe.” She smiled at the look of shock on Jared’s face. “It is real, it does exist, and it is somewhere in the city at the moment. I can feel it’s presence but someone or something is blocking me from its exact location.”

Jared shot a glance at Daniel, who nodded slightly. Seeing the look that passed between them Mor asked them to explain.

“There is a nahual in the city as well. With what you just told us, the chances are that either he has the wand or is also searching for it,” Jared told her.

“If he had found I doubt he’d still be in the city,” Daniel pointed out.

“You might be correct. So we’ll work on the assumption that he’s also searching for it.”

Mor looked between the two men. “Who is this nahual?”

“So far we have no idea,” Jared told her. “Neither does the Supe Council which is why they assigned us to find him. And that is why we were looking for you in the first place, Mor.”

“And here I thought it might be because you were going to get rid of your pet jaguar and come back to me. After all he did steal you from me to begin with.”

“I couldn’t steal something that you didn’t own in the first place,” Daniel said with a sly grin.

“No I didn’t ‘own’ him. For two hundred years he was with me willingly,” she shot back, “until you came along and seduced him.”

Daniel smiled with a slight shrug of his shoulders. “If that’s what you want to believe go for it but I think you know better.”