Friday, April 21, 2017

Three Lovers on the Grift - 31

It took Lyman several days, and all of his persuasive powers, but he was finally able to convince the powers-that-be within the Portland Police Department that they'd be better served by using Vaughn, Page, and Nigel as undercover agents than they would be by arresting them. Then there was another wait while the decision was cleared nationally and all wants and warrants against the trio were dropped.

With everything set, Lyman and Silas were again standing at the back door of the trio's house, waiting for one of them to answer their knock. The door opened, and Vaughn ushered them inside then from there, into the living room.

"I'll get the others," he said. Then he asked quietly, "Is it all set up?"

"I'd rather tell all of you at the same time," Lyman replied, keeping his demeanor serious.

With a nod, Vaughn went upstairs, returning moments later with Page and Nigel in tow. Once everyone was settled, the three lovers waited, worried expressions on their faces, for Lyman to speak.

"It's a go."

"Thank God. No, no, thank you!" Page sprang to her feet, crossing to hug Lyman so hard he had to beg her to let him breathe. She laughed, releasing her hold on him.

"I'd hug you too, but Silas might take issue with that," Nigel said with a grin.

"He might," Lyman agreed, chuckling.

"Now what happens?" Vaughn asked.

Lyman explained everything, including the fact that all possible charges against them had been dropped. "At this point, the three of you need to go talk to one of the local detectives." He handed Vaughn a card with the man's name and phone number. "He'll get things set up and you go from there."

"Thank you," Vaughn said sincerely. "Now we have one more small thing to settle."

Page went back to the sofa, settling in Vaughn's lap with a shake of her head. "Hardly small."

"True." Wrapping an arm around her waist, he looked at Lyman and Silas. "We'd like to name the two of you as the twins' guardians, just in case something happens to us."

"Are you serious?" Silas was obviously surprised, but ecstatic as well from the smile on his face.

"Very serious, if you're willing."

"We'd be honored," Lyman replied softly.

And so it came about that the three lovers were able to give up the grift, at least the illegal one. While that wasn't the end of their story by any means, it was the end of life as they'd known it, and the beginning of a new one.

The End


  1. Wonderful ending! I love getting to know these three and their halfligs