Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Three Lovers on the Grift - 26

A month after moving into their new home, the three lovers were again planning a new game.

"That would work," Page agreed after Vaughn laid out his idea. "However—" She suggested a couple of minor changes to make it even better, and safer. Then she picked Marcia up from the bassinet and settled down at one end of the office sofa.

At the other end of the sofa, Nigel was listening with one ear while jiggling Brian on his knee. Now that he knew without a doubt, thanks to Silas, that the baby was his son, he had become even more attached to him. He still adored Marcia but there was just something special about having a child of his own. He knew from watching Vaughn with Marcia that his lover felt the same way about her.

"Niles, pay attention."

"I am, I am. It all sounds good to me. After all it's just a variation on what we've done several times before."

"Only your part is bigger now. It's one thing to be the protector. It's another to be the incensed husband and father, and now doubting that you are the father of her child, all things considered. That's why we're using Marcia, not Brian."

"That's certainly going to make the mark more afraid than he will be already."

"Exactly. And the man we're targeting this time has even more to lose than most," Vaughn's smile was predatory, "since he's a 'reputable' minister and family man. Too bad for him that he tends to stray when he goes off on retreats."

"And I was so shocked when he came on to me, and then suggested we go to his room for some 'special praying for my soul'." Page's face reflected her dismay for a moment before she laughed. "This man deserves what he's going to get, or more to the point what he's going to give up in order to save his sterling reputation."

"When are we going to set this in motion?" Nigel asked.

"He's going off on another retreat next week, so either right away or when he gets back."

"If he holds true to form then let's wait till he gets back. He screws around but never on his home turf so he should be ripe for feeling guilty about his peccadilloes."

"Word of the Day strikes again," Vaughn said, laughing. Then he got back down to business. "That's a good point. So we've got a bit over a week to finalize it and get out there."

"Which would not be the smartest move you three have ever made."

Vaughn swung around at the sound of a voice coming from the office doorway. "What the hell!" he spat out.


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