Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Three Lovers on the Grift - 23

"Interesting furnishings, very minimal," Lyman commented.

"Until tomorrow when we go shopping," Page told him before introducing herself and Nigel.

Once Lyman had settled down beside his husband, Silas continued with what he'd been going to say. "Would you like to know who the father is for each of the twins?"

Vaughn nodded slowly. "We would, I think, primarily because we were told there's the possibility that we both are."

"Most definitely," Silas assured him, "if the circumstances were right, and given the relationship between the three of you I'd suspect they easily could have been."

"So we just need to find a doctor to perform whatever test is needed."

Silas grinned. "Now by an interesting coincidence, I happen to know just the man. Me. I'm a pediatrician."

Page immediately asked, to no ones' surprise, "I don't suppose you'd be willing to take on two more patients?"

"I'd be quite happy to, actually. Remind me before we leave to give you my office number and address so my nurse can set up an appointment. While I won't do the actual paternal testing in my office, I will refer you to a lab which does." Silas chuckled. "Probably more information than you needed at the moment, but that's me."

"Boy, is it," Lyman agreed with a smile. "Now, if it's not being too inquisitive may I ask if the three of you are also partners in whatever it is you do to keep a roof over your heads?"

"Ever the nosy parker," Silas said with a mock sigh. "But it comes with the territory since he's a reporter."

"Really? Newspaper or television?" Page wanted to know.

"Newspaper. I'm a crime reporter for the 'Sentinel', one of the city's two dailies."

"Is there enough crime here to keep you busy?" Vaughn asked as he joined Page and Nigel on the sleeping bag they were using as a seat.

Lyman nodded. "Unfortunately, being a fair sized city, we have our share of crime, and I get to write about the most interesting bits."

"Do you ever go undercover to do that?" Nigel wanted to know, obviously fascinated with that idea.

"No, not yet anyway, although I wouldn't turn down the chance if it came up. That could prove to be a real challenge. And back to my question," Lyman said. "Are you three business partners as well as real life ones?"

"In a way, yes. I'm in acquisitions and finance, which are not mutually exclusive, and Page acts as my secretary when needed," Vaughn replied. "Nigel is freelance."

"Acquisitions as in property?"

"As in just about anything. I help people reinvest their money or real goods to make a profit."


  1. Love this conversation but I have a feeling something is amiss at the circle k
    You are so amazing thank you for sharing your stories