Thursday, April 27, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 2

Jared made a quick stop at the fridge when they arrived home to take out two blood bags, emptying one quickly, then the second one more slowly as he savored it.

Leaning against the doorframe, Daniel watched in amusement. “You relish that way too much. I’m still surprised you don’t actually hunt for you meals.”

“I used to, I’ve told you that. It’s just too much of a bother now since blood is so readily available this way and I can choose which flavor I want.” He tossed the bags in the trash container then took a beer out of the fridge, lobbing it to Daniel. “So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

“Probably a good long run since it’s a full moon. Want to join me?”

Jared snorted. “Not if you’re going through the bayous. Last time we did that I came home smelling like something died and took over my clothing.”

“I found a better place a couple hundred miles from here. Well forested and remote enough that no one will bother us.”

Spearing a hand through his short, black hair Jared considered it before nodding his assent. “Anything to get us away from the city and its denizens for a while.”

“Damned good thing the humans don’t know what co-exists with them.”

“Definitely—and preying on them on occasion like the one today. At least he won’t be doing that any more. His pack should have been the ones to deal with him long before we had to, rogue or not.”

Daniel nodded in agreement. “I for one am ready for a long vacation somewhere where there nothing alive but the flora and us.”

“As if that will happen in the near future. No rest for the wicked as they say, for us or them.”

“Hey now, we’re not wicked—much.” Daniel grinned as he finished his beer. “Okay, let’s blow this joint and go release some tensions.”

“I’m all for that.” Jared started past Daniel only to find himself swept into a hard embrace. “Umm, are you planning on releasing the ‘tensions’ before or after our running?”

Ignoring the question for the moment Daniel devoured Jared’s mouth before releasing him. “After. That was just a preview of coming attractions.” He jumped quickly out of the way as Jared aimed a swat at his ass. “Was that your preview?” he asked, laughing.

Jared grinned sinfully in response. “Perhaps. You never know.”


  1. Whhooooyyyyooooo I am loving this so very much! You are so amazing sweet!

    1. I'm glad you are. Hopefully it will live up to your expectations as it continues. *G*