Sunday, April 30, 2017

Guardian Angels – Protection (11)

When they got to the apartment, Mack insisted on going in first. Although he didn't take out a gun, Kip had the feeling he could pull it instantly if he saw anything suspicious. Since the place was on the small side, with just a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, it didn't take Mack long before he told Kip it was clear to come inside.
"Did you look under the beds?" Jamie asked, seeming to find the whole thing more exciting than scary.
"Yep," Mack told him. "Under the beds, in the closets, behind the sofa, just like in the movies. All's good."
Kip felt a sense of relief, even though he doubted the killer—if he was going to come after him—would have broken in. He'd just shoot me from some rooftop. And at this point, why bother? I'd have talked to the police already. Emily would have too and he's got to know that. He has to be long gone by now. I hope.
"How does everyone feel about pizza?" Kip asked, taking out his phone. He wasn't the least surprised when Jamie cheered and Mack gave a thumbs-up.
An hour later, the three of them were making definite inroads into the two large pizzas Kip had ordered. Jamie kept the adults entertained with stories about what he'd done with his cousins and what they'd watched on TV. Finally he began to wind down, both in eating and talking, so Kip suggested he should go unpack his bag from the trip and then get ready for bed.
"But Dad…" Jamie looked mutinously at Kip then yawned. "Okay, I guess."
"He's a good kid," Mack said, once Jamie was out of earshot.
"Most of the time," Kip agreed with a proud smile, while he began cleaning up the remnants of supper. Then he asked with a worried frown, "Do you really think that man will come after us?"
Mack hesitated before replying, "From what Detective Howe told me, there's a slim possibility. He might think that you or your sister knows more than you do and could testify in court that he's the man who kidnapped the boy, based on what your father told you."
"Which was nothing," Kip pointed out.
"But the guy doesn't know that, and tying him to the kidnapping could, to his way of thinking, also tie him to the murder of your parents."
Kip nodded. "So, in a way, we're being used as bait to draw him out."
"Not to put too fine a point on it… yes."
Taking a deep breath, Kip looked squarely at Mack. "Just keep Jamie safe. That's all I ask."
"We intend to keep all of you safe. That's why we're here."
"I know." Kip finished clearing up and made a new pot of coffee. "Help yourself," he told Mack when it was finished brewing. "I'm going to check on Jamie."
Kip walked into Jamie's room, expecting to find him asleep. The minute he entered, Jamie whispered, "There's an angel in here."
"What are you talking about?" Kip looked around, trying to figure out why Jamie thought that. The closet door was open, so he knew there wasn't anyone in the room. "It's just your imagination," he said, sitting down beside his son on the bed.
"Uh-uh. I saw him."
"Really?" Kip chuckled. "Did he have wings and flutter around the ceiling?"
"Dad…" Jamie looked at him as if he was crazy. "Of course not. He was just like you."
"I think you were dreaming but still, why don't we go tell Mack?"
"Tell me what?" Mack asked from the doorway.
"Jamie says there was someone in here."
"He still is," Jamie insisted, staring at a spot next to his small desk.

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