Saturday, March 4, 2017

Three Lovers on the Grift - 7

"We made the papers," Vaughn said as he came into the motel room late the next morning.

"Hopefully not 'We' per se," Nigel commented, looking up from his laptop.

"Nope." Vaughn set down two suitcases that he'd picked up from the shipping company. "The last of the lot."

"Decent clothes," Page said gleefully as she opened one of them.

Vaughn cocked an eyebrow in amusement. "There's nothing wrong with what you're wearing now."

"Or not wearing," Nigel agreed with an enthusiastic grin.

"Lechers, both of you," Page grumbled as she began dressing.

Vaughn chuckled, pulling her into an embrace. "Of course we are. You'd excite even a eunuch, my dear."

"Hands off, mister. We have places to go and things to do right now."

After kissing her lightly, Vaughn released her, crossing the room to sit down beside Nigel. "Anything?" he asked.

"Several possibilities." He scrolled through the list until he found what he wanted. "This looks like the best one to me. The area is gay friendly so we won't stand out. The house is small enough, and the rent's affordable."

"I like," Page put in as she joined them, "Just secluded enough with all those trees between it and the neighbors."

Vaughn looked at the information, scrolled through the other ones Nigel had found and came back to it again. "I agree. I'll get in touch with the realtor."

"Who are you going to be this time?" Nigel asked.

"I've got a couple of identities I haven't used yet. I'd rather that than reverting back to a past one, just to be on the safe side."

"Definitely." Nigel waited until Vaughn had written down all the pertinent information and then shut down the laptop. He picked up the newspaper that Vaughn had tossed on the bed, reading the story about the robbery at the gala in the city they'd left late the previous evening. "We did not take that much," he grumbled a moment later.

Reading over his shoulder, Page nodded. "Someone wasn't being very honest."

"No shit," Nigel replied with a snort of laughter. "Glad to know we could help out the larcenous owner at the same time that we helped ourselves." He turned to Vaughn, who was getting ready to leave again. "Have you made contact with someone to handle the jewelry and what have you?"

"I'll do that while I'm out. I have a couple of names from our last fence. People he trusts." After pausing long enough to give each of his lovers a thorough goodbye kiss, he left.


  1. Trying to lay low or get out of catting all together! Love it

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's definitely different from Trev's story.

  2. It is different from any other story that I have read from you. But sometimes shaking up stuff is fun.