Thursday, March 16, 2017

Three Lovers on the Grift - 13

"Okay, we've narrowed it down to two, so which one will be more likely to fall for it?"

Nigel and Page reread the two sheets of information Vaughn had put together with their help. "I'd say this one. He's definitely more of a player, and has more to lose if his wife finds out," Nigel said, tapping one of the pages. "Gotta love cheating husbands."

"Agreed." Page rubbed her swollen belly thoughtfully. "And as many times as he's stuck it in one female or another the chances of his remembering if I was one of them are slim to none, especially after six months give or take, which is what I'll claim. God only knows the twins are making me look that pregnant."

"Him, it is then. Now we have to set up the approach." Vaughn turned to Nigel. "Where are the pictures from the security camera?"

"There." Nigel pointed to one of several folders sitting at the end of the table. "You just have to insert Page's picture into them."

"Use the ones of me in the blonde wig," Page suggested, getting a nod from Vaughn as he picked the folder up and went to the computer. Half an hour later, while Page made lunch and Nigel did some quick vacuuming, he was finished. After Page set out lunch and they sat down, Vaughn passed the finished pictures around.

"Perfect," Nigel said, smiling. "These will make it much harder for him to deny that he's met her, to say the least of sleeping with her." He laid one hand on Page's stomach. "The evidence of his peccadillo is right here."

"Been reading 'Word of the Day', Nigel," Vaughn asked with a grin.

"Yep, and the one for today is 'wiseass', with your picture to illustrate it."

"I'll show you wiseass," Vaughn growled, pushing his chair back and coming around the table to pull Nigel to his feet. Nigel looked at him in surprise just before Vaughn's mouth descended on his in a searing kiss while his hands kneaded his ass. Then Vaughn stepped away and went back to his seat, a 'cat who ate the canary' grin on his face.

"Umm, damn." Nigel dropped down in his chair, grumbling that Vaughn had better be ready to do something about the 'problem' he'd created as soon as lunch was over.

With a laugh, Page ran her hand up the obvious erection bulging behind the zipper of Nigel's jeans. "We both will." She kissed him slowly, still stroking him before saying, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, which it wasn't, "When do we start setting our plan into motion?"


  1. Great installment! I hope they didn't pick a physiological impaired man!

    1. Time will tell, but they are careful and know what they're doing---we hope.